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Happy Birthday wishes to Illustrious Son: Enejoh Treasure Abah



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By Pastor Omale Wisdom Abah

Every 23rd March occasions joy and celebration in our family: this is because of the birth anniversary of a worthy son- Treasure Eneojo.

We the entire members of the family of Elder Benjamin Ameh Abah want to celebrate you on this special day of yours. We want to use this opportunity to reassure you that you’re loved and cherished by all, and to equally acknowledge your sacrifices and selfless contributions. We want to assure you that the hand of the Almighty God is upon you to protect and bless you every single day of your life – in your going out and in your coming in. Things people fear will fear you; things people run from will run from you. You will experience the blessing of God more than ever in your life and career.

You’re living a life of impact. You use your limited resources to touch lives in and around your community. God has graciously used you to bring means of livelihood to many families and food to many tables which is the reason why many think of you as a philanthropist. You double as a civil servant working for the government of the land and as a public servant serving humanity as God’s minister.

There’s no ending to the mentioning of the many areas of your significance to the society.

On this occasion of your 2024 birthday celebration we pray for you for a long, happy and satisfying life in good health. This will be a new chapter of divine lifting and breakthroughs for you.

Happy birthday!

From all the Abah’s.

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