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Unmasking the youth and leadership initiatives, Lygel and why they are after Dr. Muheeba Dankaka

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Spread the loveThe federal character commission of Nigeria, FCC came into existence pursuant to the yearnings of Nigerians for a reform that would address the thorny issues of inequality and ethnic domination in the MDA,s.This is to be done by ensuring the equitable representations of different groups in all tiers of governments as well as […]



Dr. Muheeba Dankaka
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The federal character commission of Nigeria, FCC came into existence pursuant to the yearnings of Nigerians for a reform that would address the thorny issues of inequality and ethnic domination in the MDA,s.This is to be done by ensuring the equitable representations of different groups in all tiers of governments as well as monitoring the implementations of these very noble objectives.

Barely six months of assumption of office as the chairman of the federal character commission, FCC, Dr Muheeba Dankaka,the pessimists among us,with particular emphasis on a youth group known as LYGEL, wrote a lengthy petition against the person of the chairman of FCC, Dr Muheeba Dankaka based on issues relating to the certificates she sent for screening.">

They accused her of certificate forgery and falsifications.

When the issues were investigated and found untrue, it did not stop the youth group popularly known as LYGEL,from scheming against her.Why is the youth group the only group in the country focused on scheming against Muheeba Dankaka?

The answer is simple, they were paid by faceless patrons of theirs whom have prior to the appointment of the reformist Dr Muheeba Dankaka to carry out on a consistent basis a campaign of name calling and calumny against the chairman with the sole aim of stoping her reforms at the FCC.with emphases targeted at removing her from office.Why those conclusions?

This group is specially funded by vested interests who would have like the business as usual approach continuesly entrenched to continually paved way for their contineous rent seeking interest at the against the pragmatic and systematic approach to reforms at the commission that would take into account the interests of all Nigerians.It would interest every Nigerian to know that prior to her appointment as the chairman of the FCC.the commission stinks and it is simply because of the paymasters of LYGEL.Job racketeering and contract paddling and corruption was the order of the day.

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Muheeba Dankaka was applauded by many for bringing sanity and accountability to the commission because she simply through her gradual but effective reform initiatives cleaned the augean stables that LYGEL was trying to protect.

What they failed to understand as a group is that Muheeba came to the FCC.with a mandate from the the president and she is fulfilling those mandates no matter whose ox was gored.Her interest is very simple:The president having heard the voices of Nigerians clearly for a federal character commission that is a true unbudsman institution that would pave way for the entrenchments of the federal character principle as a basis for for Nigeria,s unity in diversity. Since her appointment, she has been applauded by all.

Notable amongst her early achievements as chairman is the centralisation of the administrative structure of the monitoring and enforcement departments of the the headquarters.

This departments have been wonderfully monitoring and enforcing new reforms measures and the implementation of enforcement of the nation,s federal character ethos to the applaus of all. Her leadership was applauded and we can say this with all sense of responsibility, achieving milestones that have been acclaimed as giant strides.

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The LYGEL,therefore is a group that houses the advocates of sentiments or over developments in all its entirety.The removal of Dr.Muheeba Dankaka is their primary obsession and main objectives and with this obsessions they can go to any length to fabricate and spread falsehood to achieve their main objectives.

We want LYGEL to know that when mischief becomes a primary objective of any group,they hardly fulfill those objectives.The Buhari administration is a change government and they understand that change hardly happens easily.

Dr Muheeba Dankaka is a change advocate and she understands the body language of the president that change is a direction Nigeria would embrace and she is doing her best to make it happen.The mischief of LYGEL did not just start today.

This organisation was the first to accuse her of certificate forgery, age and name falsification, job racketeering,and concocted to achieve one purpose:her exit from office.The public is now fully aware of your antics.Your petition or umbrage against the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission for its failure to investigate or call to question the alledged certificate forgery and falsification against Dr. Muheeba Dankaka is to state the obvious,taking your ignorance too far.

The EFCC do not owe you as a group any explaination for not following your whims and caprices as they have a process for investigating and prosecuting alledged offenders and this case in question would not be an exception.

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The certificate forgery and falsification claims against Dr Muheeba Dankaka by the LYGEL has been in the public domain for long.In her defence,which was later found out to be true. Dr Muheeba Dankaka plegally stated that her certificates bears her maiden names hence the differences in the current names and the ones in her certificates.

To put the record straight,it is not unexpected that when a woman marries,she takes her husbands names and this is expected not to be different in the case of of Muheeba Dankaka.The accusations by LYGEL that she got her masters degree before she marries,the fact remains that she got her masters degrees in 1989,when she was already married to her husband.Where is the truth in those accusations as it is purely and intended mischief abinitio.

The appointment of Dr.Muheeba Dankaka signalled the intendment of the present administration to tackling corruption and job rackeetering.She is graduaky making the Nigerians dream in this regard comes true.We must all join hands with her in making our citizens come to term with the new trend of business unusual at the mediocrity would no longer strives at the FCC.

The LYGEL must understand this because their antics are known and it would continue to fail.Let,s join hand with with Muheeba Dankaka to deliver on her mandate.

Musa Wada writes from Abuja, Nigeria

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