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Topic: Walking in Kingdom Wealth [WIC 2022 Series] Plenary 1



Dr. Olumide Emmanuel
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Preacher: Dr. Olumide Emmanuel

Theme: Exponential Increase
Text: 3 John 1vs2
Psalm 66 vs12
Deuteronomy 8 vs18

God causes us to go through challenges in life yet, he brings us to a place of wealth and fulfillment.

As God’s children, we need to understand that God wants us to be empowered in different aspects of life.

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God doesn’t want us to be weaklings.

God wants us to be spiritually empowered so that:
* We walk in the finished work of Christ
* We walk in the mandate of dominion
* We can rule and reign with him
* We will not be moved by the whims and caprices of the world.

God wants us to be relationship empowered. Who you know matters. When God wants to bless you, he sends people. The devil does the same. God wants us to have the right kind of people in our lives. We need the right people in our corner. Those who matter to your matter, when it matters will not be absent in Jesus name. You will not lack help or support

God wants you to be financial and economically empowered.
God does not what you to be a spiritual giant and a financial dwarf. He wants prosperity to add colour to your spirituality.

Meaning of Kingdom Wealth
God wants Christians to prosper.

Kingdom wealth is wealth that has its source in God and the kingdom as its purpose.
You can become rich without God. For you to be rich, there are 2 options:
1. Babylon
Through the systems and principles of this world
2. The covenant/kingdom way
Wealth through godly principles

You cannot become a student in the school and after you resume you now start frowning about the school uniform.
You change and align to the system. The system cannot change for you because it is bigger than you. For example, you cannot be arguing about tithing which is a financial principle in the kingdom.
Matthew 4
You are either in the world or in the secret place, there is no middle ground.

7 different principles that will help us walk in kingdom wealth:

1. God is your source
Your job, business,career, people are not your source. God uses jobs, businesses and people as resource. For you to fall in love with the resources and turn your back on the source is an error. As long as the source is intact, resources will continue to flow.

You can’t love your job more than God.
God gives power to make wealth. As long as kingdom wealth is concerned, God is the one who gives the power to make wealth.
Proverbs 13vs11
Psalm 127vs1
Once you connect to the source, he directs you to the resource.

2. The kingdom is the purpose for wealth
Deuteronomy 8vs18
God does not intend to prosper you for you.
The perfect will of God is not to bless you but to make you a blessing. You are blessed to be a blessing. God does not make you wealthy so you can ‘show them’.

Having prosperity is having enough of God’s resources to fulfill destiny assignment. Many of us are thinking too small and it’s a shame. Your life and existence is not about what you eat or drink.
Matthew 6vs33
God isn’t looking for your money. The purpose is the kingdom. God cannot give to you what he cannot get through you. God is looking for conduits and pipes to impact his kingdom.

Ephesians 4vs28
You work so you can have money to give others. When you do otherwise, you have lost purpose.
The kingdom is activating our wealth when we sow into the kingdom.

3. Kingdom wealth is entrusted.
Worldly wealth is acquired. When you are rich in this kingdom, you are blessed.
God must trust you to entrust wealth to you. If we can’t promote lazy and disobedient staff, God cannot entrust kingdom wealth to slothful servants.

Luke 16vs1
In this kingdom, it is faithfulness even in little things that guarantees your progress. Many Christians are poor because God loves them. If he does not reduce your income, your devourers will increase. The judgment of God is redemptive in nature.
2 Chronicles 26vs5
In this kingdom, you can keep labouring for a long time and except God trusts you forget about wealth. When God trusts you favour follows you.
When God trusts you, everything you do, he blesses and causes favour to follow. Whatever you touch, favour rests on it.

4. Addiction to God and his kingdom is a trigger for kingdom wealth.
A trigger is only what allows the release of a bullet. When the kingdom of God is your priority and pursuit, things begin to work. What are you addicted to? Are you a kingdom addict or the world’s addict. Love what God loves and hate what God hates.
Matthew 6vs31-33
Seeking the kingdom first is a function of priority. When you seek other things outside God, you labour and labour yet you don’t get it.

God tests you with that one thing you love or is precious to you.
Everything you cannot let go of is in control of you. Whatever you cannot give, you are worshipping. Whatever you are addicted to provides for you.

The spirit of the addiction provides for the addiction. You are addicted to your job or business so it’s the only thing providing for you. When you are addicted to God, God provides for you. What you worship provides for you. What you worship and are addicted to becomes your supplier.

If you want to enter kingdom wealth, worship God and be addicted to him.

Dr Olumide Emmanuel spoke at a five
day Word Impact Conference (WIC) of GREEN PASTURES WORLD OUTREACH located at No. 28, Kingsway, Enugu, Nigeria

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