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Topic: Building capacity for exponential increase [WIC 2022 Series]



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Pastor Tochukwu Kola Oyekale

Text: 2 Kings 4 vs 1-7

You can never experience increase if you do not prepare for it. As long as the seed is in your hand, you need preparation. The increase of a seed lies within the seed. That seed needs an environment and process. How far you will become is inside of you. adsbygoogle || []).push({});

You need to build capacity for your increase.

Meaning of Capacity

Capacity is the ability to receive, increase and contain. That is having the capacity to contain or receive more.
There is a need to improve your reputation, status, prominence, influence, weight (how you affect people).

You can’t be celebrated without something added to your life.
You can build capacity for to learn more, yield more, ability to tolerate, endure, improve.

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2 Kings 4vs1-7
Everyone of us find ourselves in the position of this woman at one time of our lives.

The 5 dilemmas of the widow:
1. The woman was going through the pain of loosing her husband.
Her husband was the bread winner, she lost him. Most of us have lost something precious or dear to us at one point in time.

2. The woman was in financial crisis because the bread winner was gone.
When your business or job is lost you will experience financial crisis.

3. She had social stigma because she was in debt. Her creditors were after her.

4. She had a domestic nightmare. Her sons were about to be taken from her.
5. She had a spiritual disadvantage. Her husband that died was a prophet and a spiritual covering over her.

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In life, questions you choose to respond to determines the quality of the answer you get.

The woman wanted to be taught how to fish. She didn’t want left overs. She didn’t want ‘hand me downs’ from people.
The secret of your increase is what you have.

Until you introduce positivity to your life, the negative will control you.
The secret of your miracle is that little jar you have, the little jar the widow had was the jar.

3 factors that determine our exponential increase

1. The release of creative words.

The creative word is God’s input. This is what God brings in. It is God’s spoken words over our lives. It is the prophetic advantage. These are divine wisdom and direction that flows from the word of God. Be sensitive to the words that are released during this conference. The creative words will be released.

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3 things you need to do with the creative words released in this conference:

a. Hear it
b. Accept it, don’t fight it even if it’s not what you want to hear. Anything you fight won’t work on it.
c. Act on it.

2. The jar of oil
This is what you bring to the table, what you have. This part is yourself, the role you play in receiving increase.

3. Other vessels you need (borrowed vessels)
This part is the role of other people in your life. You are not an island. People have a role to play in your increase.

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