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The rise of a political enigma, Rt. Hon. Dr. Olubumi Tunji-Ojo who worked tirelessly behind the political scene



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The last general election in Nigeria came with lots of intrigues, which was quite new to the political theatre of our nation. However, the effort of one political enigma, Rt Hon Olubumi Tunji-Ojo, and his committed constituents stood out in the last election.

By INEC records, the federal constituency of the two term house of Representatives member Hon Tunji-ojo and now a Ministerial Designate from Ondo state gave President Bola Tinubu arguably the largest percentage margin win from any constituency in Nigeria. com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js">">

The votes pulled from one constituency could almost be equated to the vote gotten from a whole region.

The tireless effort of a determined young man working at the Grassroot with his team after showing selfless service to his people for 4 years as a House of Representatives member representing Akoko North East/North West Federal Constituency in Ondo state, made the difference!

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With an almost a 90% win for President Bola Tinubu in his constituency, which contributed largely to the victory of President Tinubu in Ondo state during the last general elections, one is tempted to under study the political sagacity of the young legislator whose continuous hardwork in the field and love for the people have become a leading example for the Nigerian youths. Well, the magic wand was also used in his own elections where he had a 100% win in his Primaries scoring 115 votes, and his opponent had zero vote. Recording almost similar results in the general election in his constituency.

Rt. Hon Tunji-Ojo gets his inspiration and motivations from core exceptional leadership values seen in President Tinubu. He describes President Bola Tinubu as a full institution that young Nigerians need to carefully study his political rise and his firm support for democracy. “Over the years, he has mentored great men who have contributed immensely to nation-building. One of such is the Legendary Chief of staff Rt. Honourable Femi Gbajabiamila, who recently concluded one of the best and most progressive outings in the National Assembly as the speaker of the 9th house of Representatives and number 4 man in Nigeria.

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That trait was picked by a Political Prodigy Rt.Hon (Dr.) Olubumi Tunji-Ojo who is a progeny of The chief of staff to the President. In 2019, Hon. Tunji-Ojo was the chairman of all the new House of Representatives members and was able to work as a leader and a team player with both old and new members to galvanise support for RtHon Femi Gbajabiamila to emerge as the speaker of the 9th Assembly pulling over 283 votes to clinch the seat.

His support to producing quality leadership at the House of Representatives that will provide needed legislative architectural solutions to meet the needs of Nigeria saw him throw his full weight behind his colleague and now the speaker of the 10th House of Representatives Rt. Honourable Tajudeen Abbas, who he believed right from the onset, will provide strong leadership to the house. Hon. Olubumi’s strong leadership and team player skills were brought to full display, as he was at the forefront working tirelessly with his other colleagues to support Hon. Abbas to emerge with arguably the highest vote gathered by any speaker in recent times in the House of Representatives. The speaker Rt.Hon Abbas got 353 votes out of 359 votes cast at the session.

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Behind the scene, this political Prodigy Rt.Hon Olubumi Tunji-Ojo has supported many politicians within and outside Ondo state to emerge in different leadership positions across the country. His very unassuming and humble disposition has made his speedy rise through the ladder of politics almost seamless.

He is a goal-getter committed to assigned tasks where he brings professionalism and political sagacity as well as his wealth of experience in the public and private sector into display. He is one of the Egg heads in President Tinubu administration that Nigerians must look out for!

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