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Sunday Worship Service: Topic: Dealing with negative mindsets



Pastor Mrs Toyin Oyekale
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By Pastor Mrs Toyin Oyekale

Text: Romans 8vs5

There are things that happen naturally that you don’t need any effort to make it a reality.

Natural things happen because they are natural.

Spiritual things need effort. We live our life naturally and that’s why many things do not happen in our lives. adsbygoogle || []).push({}); We see in the natural, but don’t see the spiritual.
Spiritual things are things that develop, promote, enlarge you.
Some of us are familiar and comfortable with the natural that we think things will happen naturally. Changes comes with effort.

Your soul does not grow and develop without any effort and your soul is what determines everything about your life.

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There must be a working to grow your soul.

1 John 1vs2
If your soul does not prosper, you can’t achieve much in life; you will be a victim of circumstances.

It is the effort you make in the spiritual that affects your soul and your circumstances.
If you want to live a life that is peaceful, prosperous, productive you need to develop your soul.

The change in your soul must continue throughout your life. There is no end point to your soul prosperity as long as you are alive. God is giving you the opportunity to change and grow as long as you are alive.

Your spiritual life is either it’s a baby, a child or an adult. Some people remain at either of these states throughout their lifetime.

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You need to grow from a baby to a child then to a young one and to old age and maturity in the spirit.

As long as you don’t grow, there is no increase. Growth is what brings productivity.

Romans 8vs5
Your mindset is your belief, attitude and actions.
We need the breath of God on us, a quickening, an outpouring of the spirit of God.
Your mindset towards a thing determines the impact it has on you.
Your heart has to undergo a change before anything great happens to you.

Some people are full of doubt, fear, negativity; some are complacent, nonchalant, pessimistic. You can’t attain much with these values.
If you mind is set of positivity and possibilities, you will overcome your circumstances.

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Romans 12vs2
Be transformed in your mind.
Reflect responses are in your subconscious. There are certain things there that are not good and needs change.

Beyond prayer, sit down and work on your mind.
Knowing, admitting and deciding to change those things in your life that is not good are key steps to growth.
Transformation is not easy. It needs a practical action.
Every change brings beauty, progress and accomplishments.
Once the mind is changed, there is no level you can’t get to.

Prayer: Lord, let your light shine upon us that will bring a turn around in our mindsets in Jesus name.

Pastor Mrs Toyin Oyekale is a senior Pastor at Green Pastures World Outreach, headquarters, No. 28 Kingsway Road, Enugu

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