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Sunday Worship Service (31st December, 2023): Topic: Seasons of Life



Pastor Kola Oyekale
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By Pastor Kola Oyekale

There are 4 major seasons in the world. Our lives are marked in seasons. We have 4 seasons of life. These 4 seasons are broken in 25 years:

1st Stage (0-25yrs): The morning Stage.
This is the stage of learning; learning the scripture.
This is a stage where you can make mistakes and life can forgive you. adsbygoogle || []).push({}); js"> There are certain things that should have taken place in this stage. When it fails to happen then time is against you.

According to God’s expectations, within these 25 years:
You should have known God
You should have been saved
You should have been filled with the Holy Ghost
You should have began to master keys of the kingdom
You should have built strategic relationships

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Ecclesiastes 12vs1

The first 25 years of your life are for massive spiritual investment and prayer life.
If you don’t build up now you are young, when you are old there will be no foundation to build on.

At 30 years, you are already 5 years beyond your season.

2nd Stage: The Afternoon Stage (25-50yrs)

This is the stage of learning and execution of what you have learnt in the first stage.
It is a season of working for your purpose and assignment.
If you didn’t do what you are supposed to do in the first season, then you carry those responsibilities over and it lays more demand on you to catch up.

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The greatest mistake anyone will make when he/she is young is to love comfort. You can’t live this way and amount to something in life.
Isaiah 61vs6
Revelation 1vs6
2 Timothy 4vs7,8

The 3rd Stage: The Evening Stage (50-75yrs)
This is the legacy stage.
You have to realize what you stand for and what you are laying a legacy for. So it is difficult to shift from your values. You consolidate. It is a stage of massive kingdom impact. It is a stage of building institutions of what you stand for and for your values.
At this point you make it a point of duty to raise others and impact on the younger ones.
You are not a successful person until there is a generation that is loyal to your thoughts or values.
Your success in life is a function of how many believes in what you carry and can run with you.
Until your life is impacting someone’s life and you are changing their values then you are not yet a success.
When you have values, it doesn’t matter what surround you, it stands the test of time.
May your generation be blessed by the things you do.

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4th Stage: (75yrs and above) The Rest Stage
At this time, you should be looking back at the result and references of your impact. You should be able to consolidate the things you have done in your previous season.

Don’t seek for people to know you but direct people to know God. The God you make known will make you known to the world.

Pastor Kola Oyekale is the set-man of GREEN PASTURES WORLD OUTREACH, located at No. 29, Kingsway Road, GRA, Enugu

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