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Security challenges in ‘Ane Igala’: The way out



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It is ridiculous that the news of insecurities that we heard in other parts of the country is already steering at us in Igala Nation. This social problem started jokingly with confraternity conflicts, later to Political thuggery now full-blown robbery, kidnappings and other social vices.

We do not have time to shift blames on any politician nor political party, after all we all knew that everyone of them contributed directly or indirectly to this current mess in our land which was borne out of their desperate and selfish political ambition. com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js">

This measures can be handle by the local and state government if security of the people is part of their priority.

I want to call on all the newly elected local government chairmen in Kogi East to liaise with Ibaji Local Government chairman to hire the services of some young, able traditionalist to help secure our roads from Itobe, to Ajegwu, Idah through Odolu to Ugwolawo, Ejule, Ofakaga through Agbeji to Anyigba. Alloma, Olamaboro, Ankpa to Omala through Bassa, Sharia to Shintaku and Dekina Town. The focal point of these area mentioned should be Itobe, Ejule, Anyigba, Omala and Ankpa town. The rate of this social vices in these areas is how high lately without recourse to our traditional institutions.

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All local government chairmen should as a matter of urgency call on the political stakeholders in their areas to persuade their boys for arms submission through amnesty, empowerment and financial motivation. This singular act will go along way to minimized/reduce the moral decadence in the areas to a bearing minimum.

The traditional rulers should evolved the services of our local hunter’s with nostalgia hunting experience around the Igala Nations. These hunters have the mystical powers of commanding an element, hence their services are highly needed to help redeemed our lost glory.

Igala Area Traditional rulers should bring back the old security masquerade that paraded all knock and cranny of the volatile areas that is characterized with this social vices. The effective service of those masquerade way back is very fresh in our memory, it has helped to curbed all issues of thefts, rapes and other compound crimes in the society.

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The State Government should as a matter of urgency set up a patrol teams of Military and Paramilitary personal to embark on patrols on the security prone areas during and after the festive period. A dedicated phone numbers should be given out to the Public in case of an emergency situation.

This measures is purely a Federal Government policy to enhance security challenges bedevilled our society. Amongst it includes;

The State government should liaise with Federal Government to set up security outfits permanently in the state i.e Army or Air Force Base. The base will help to strengthen the security of the state.

The State Government should key into community policing with sincerity of purposes. Like the Ametokun outfit in the South West or Bakassi Boys in the eastern flank of the country. The formation of our own security outfits should be devoid of recruitment of political boys as instrument to intimidate and suppress people with divergent social/political ideologies. If this community policing is properly set up, it will help reduce the crime rate in our state.

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The state government should engaged the young and able youth to be creative and productive through skill acquisition and empowerment programs. This program will prevent idleness among the youthful generation and in turn reducing the crime rate in the society.

I want to craves the indulgence of all the Chairmen and stakeholders in Kogi East to bring themselves together and channel the way forward on this social vices that is gradually raising its ugly head in our land, our economy activities has been paralyzed, our brothers are scared of coming home during festival period talk more of an investors. We all must take this social problem very seriously from both individual and collective perspectives.
Thank you all, Marry Christmas and prosperous new year.

Sule Isa Akagwu Kpaleko writes from Anyigba – Kogi State.

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