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SDGs: Pioneering the next decade of development from 2020-2030 under Princess Adejoke Orelope-Adefulire.



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By Abubakar Yusuf

Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs, the global intervention programme that mitigate the long dearth of underdevelopment in the areas of basic necessities of life, had in the last one decade, between 2010-2020, made an impactful efforts towards bringing social equilibrium.

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In the last one decade, successive adminstration in the agency have left no stone unturned, as they toe the line of the objectives behind the establishment of the body, geared towards the welfare of citizens of countries, particularly in Nigeria.

The current leadership under Her Excellency, Princess Adejoke Orelope-Adefulire which was part of the last one decade rolling programmes, witnessed another round of redoubled efforts towards bring to par, the distinct between the poverty level of many Nigerians and the privilege in the Society.

Having successfully midwifed between Nigerians poverty line and improved social services, that included provision of quality Healthcare both at Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Health institutions, provision of roads that will assist the ruralites in the movement of both their farm products and other activities, as well as affordable educational programmes both in structure, instructional materials, and books to address the sharp disparities between average Nigerians and the those at vantage positions in the last one decade, the need to improve on the success story desire the rebirth of the 2020-2030 rolling plan.

The Management of SDGs in Nigeria, through its transparent leadership and robust policies and programmes, was already prepared as it key into the next decade template to further address all other levels and shortcomings, that will affect the smooth operation of the new decade initiatives.

This is being carried out with a highly spirited workforce and implemetors of its programmes guided under a very open policy for public scrutiny and assessment.

The 2020-2030 rolling plans for SDGs is not a departure from the previous goals of primarily addressing and improving the poverty level of many Nigerians, lightning up the rural areas, provision of affordable and quality Health facilities, assess to standard and quality education, and improved farming inputs, provision of fertilisers all year round to the farmers, whose driving force had assisted in no small measure into large and mechanised farming devoid of food scarcity.

This exercise is being carried out amidst limited budgetary provisions, but taken into cognisance the world ravaged pandemic of COVID-19, and the need to mitigate the current situations, such as to sustain the successes already achieved since the intitation of the SDGs.

Conversely, the current leadership under Her Excellency, Princess Adejoke Orelope-Adefulire has redesigned the operation of the agency in terms of funding, capacity, action with a view to meeting the new challenges of addressing the next decade spanning from 2020-2030.

This is being done using the template of the success story already recorded, through provision of portable water, access roads both within and outside the rural areas, affordable health care, qjality education and other life expectancy programmes, that will address the ever growing disparity between the rural and urban areas.

Determined to achieve its goals within the global targets and domestic perfomance, Princess Adejoke Orelope-Adefulire has already set the ball rolling by capturing the critical components of the new the targets in this year’s budget, to adequately cater for the basic necessities of life,so as to bring to the barest minimum or rather address once and for all,the unabated poverty line of average Nigerians.

The 2020-2030 target will further nip in the bud the concept of the global body and efforts of the handlers who have domesticated the program not only in Nigeria,but also in tandem with what is applicable and advisable as well as the peculiarities of various areas in Nigeria.

This will no doubt,when implemented will considerably improve the life span and expectancy of our ruralites and improve tremendously the efforts of the global agency towards addressing the critical plights of our people.

Abubakar Yusuf, a Public Affairs Analyst, writes from Abuja

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