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Sanusi Lamido Sanusi II: Even ‘Angels’ cherishes your charismatic leadership



Emir Sanusi
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For few days now, a lot has happened in Kano State not for something to be celebrated,  but something that occasioned lamentation.   Something very absurd to a man of charisma that keeps his admirers wondering how abnormality would always have  its way. 
Since the advent of Umar Abdullahi Ganduje in June, 2015, as governor of Kano State, it’s been a threshold of one issue today, another the following day with the former Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi II."> js">  
Ganduje has been restless.  He sleeps and wake up to find out if anything has happened in Kano State Emirates for the wrongs.   Of course, he would always see things go wrong.   The reason is simple:  For a man like Sanusi Lamido Sanusi (SLS),  a world class fellow, who is well read and exposed with understanding of 21st century economy to keep quiet is nothing short of suicide.

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  Sanusi’s worth transcend Kano Emirate. He is a man who is sought after across the world and so statements he made which are considered injurious or antagonistic to Kano political cycles are lessons for leaders in other climes. 
As it were,  Sanusi Lamido Sanusi might have been dethroned,  banished to Nasarawa State in the North Central Nigeria, but the former Emir and foremost Economist cum financial expert remains a winner at all times. 
It’s not an over statement to say that, ‘Angels cherishes his charismatic leadership’,  because celestial beings are also interested in the affairs of humans especially those things that are good.   Sanusi is a good man!
He was the best Central Bank of Nigeria Governor with irreversible footprint of success.  When some elements sees national cake as family cake, Sanusi sees national cake as cake for Nigerians.  That was the reason, he introduced policies as head of the apex bank to merge banks in order to shore up Commercial bank’s capital base.  In this way, customers of commercial banks would no longer fall prey to banking liquidation.   That is the situation till date, if our memory has not failed us. 
A leader per excellence, he is, SLS has distinguished himself in all areas of endeavours and will be honoured even by the Angels.  There can’t be history without event.  For sanitizing the banking sector in his time, Nigeria was reflected on the world map of countries to invest and that happened to the advantages of citizens. 
As mortal man, he may have his shortcomings and inadequacies,  but take it or leave it, he speaks truth to power.   Sanusi’s frankness and politicians’ hypocritical lifestyles are opposite of each other,  so, one understand the former Emir’s travails that every per second of his life is a risk. 
His deposition as Emir of Kano State on Monday stemmed from his hard stance on issues that political leaders are lacklustre about; his insistence on giving education to Northern children; curbing almajiri menace and tackling the high rate of child mortality as well as provision of good leadership to the citizens are those issues that drew the battle lines. 
In a statement that dethroned Sanusi as Emir of Kano, the Secretary to the State Government claimed that he was removed for being disrespectful to the State Government; that he stopped attending meetings at the Government House,  but beneath those reasons lies the real issues that bothers on the Governor’s ego, pride and arrogance as if the political office is not ephemeral.   In barely three years to come,  Umar Abdullahi Ganduje will be out of office as Kano State Governor,  but Sanusi remain a citizen to reckon with at all times. 
It is often said legends always suffer prosecution and persecution, Sanusi,  a living legend is suffering his persecution,  but this will not tarry because power belongs to GOD. 

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Citizen Akwu Umar-Pharooq Goodman is an activist and a public affairs commentator. 

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