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Nigerian Coast Guard: The soul of maritime business awaiting parliamentary approval [Features]



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All over the world, maritime business, trade and transportation has huge turnover and proper management of maritime security has become sine qua non to how fare and far that nation will attain its revenue generation.

The Nigerian Coast Guard Bill which is currently before the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria should be seen as an opportunity for the nation to maximally explore her maritime opportunities to its fullest and generate revenue the nation desires like Singapore, and other coastal dependendent nations of the world.">">

The 10th Senate under the leadership of the Distinguished Senator Godswill Obot Akpabío and Tajudeen Abbas of the House of Representatives are expected to consider passage of the Nigeria Coast Guard in record time, considering the massive advantages that are inherent in it as expoused further by the Captain of the Chaplaincy Corps and CEO of the Provisionary Committee, Noah Ichaba.

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Highlighting on the bill, he said: “The Facilitation Team of the proposed Nigerian Coast Guard, which its Establishment Bill No: SB.844 is before the Senate for public hearing, wishes to inform Lawmakers, Stakeholders and the public that the proposed Agency is the flesh, blood, spirit and soul of Nigeria’s Maritime Trade and Commerce.

“It is responsible for the safety and security of ships, cargoes, crews, seafarers, passengers, ports, port facilities, port workers, port users and maritime law enforcement.

“It ensures measures to prevent and obstruct security-related incidents that may cause damage to Nigeria’s Maritime Business Activities, revenue generation, protection of maritime environment and prevention of criminalities, which is the central concerns of International Maritime Organisation (IMO) in building upon SOLAS convention chapter XI-2 by developing International Ship and Port Facility Security Code.

“It is the appropriate government agency referred to as Maritime Guardians or Watchkeeping. Nigeria’s Maritime Industry cannot function optimally successful and advantageously operational without Coast Guard Agency.

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“No other Agency is best recognized by this occupational name of Coast Guard that is well suited to put into effect the provisions of ISPS Code, as prescribed safety and security duty of securing the commercial and operational activities of the maritime business.

“It is the Agency to be called upon for responsibility and accountability, and that qualifies for Maritime Law Enforcement.

“The Agency is not on a conflict for control of duty but of fulfilling the destiny of the largest economy in Africa and of steadily increasing her national fortunes and interests.

“The Agency can comfortably commence operation with 23,000 Direct Workforce, comprising diverse specialties from Maritime Security Experts, Ex-Boys, Ex-Servicemen, Graduates of Maritime Academies, Seafarers, Transferees, Secondees, Ratings, Skilled Creek men and other qualified, available and willing Nigerians.

“There is over 900 identified real worksites where these prospective workforces would be deployed to. There would be Indirect Job Openings for over 3,000,000 unemployed Nigerian youths.

“As a revenue generating Agency, it is not a burden on Government finances, but a contributor to the financial wealthiness of Nigeria. The planned Agency is capable of generating Billions of Billions of Dollars yearly.

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“The public is informed that there is only one Nigeria, one National Assembly, one Coast Guard, one Establishment Bill SB.844 and one Facilitation Team that is patriotically committed to providing necessary expertize for the actualization of taking the nation to her excelling height and destiny.

“The Facilitation Team of the proposed Nigerian Coast Guard stands for what is in the best interest of the nation. We stand to uphold the glory and honour of Nigeria at all times.

“The Facilitation Team have prudent legal minds that guides and advices accordingly, and that is led by Barrister REX.

“Perpetrators of inimical activity against the security, safety and peace of Nigeria maritime, if discovered will be reported to appropriate authorities for necessary action.

“Should individuals be found with anything relating to the proposed Nigerian Coast Guard, as means of identification or belongingness, without the endorsement of the Chief Executive and Accounting Officer of the Provisionary Committee or which cannot be confirmed from our records, the same be made to answer questions that diligent law enforcement Agents may put to such an individual.”

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