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Kogi Guber 2023: The impassable route that must be avoided for the third times



Kogi State governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello
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The danger of plying an old irregular and wavy routes with undulating contour leaves much to be desired as the story is better told by survivors who embarked on same.

Unarguably, the good people of Kogi state for one reason or the other have plied such a notoriously hazardous and menacingly perilous routes with the attendant consequences staring us in the face as it were.

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The lickerish or otherwise lecherous litanies of camphoraceous drool from this endless misadventure have remained unabated nightmares with contracture bare faced scars in our political journey.

This anomaly no doubt, has undermined our thoughts processes and in total conflict with our value systems as it negates our future cooperation, shattering and disparaging the nucleus of our collective political struggle while putting us on the wrong side of political equations in Nigeria.

In view of the aforementioned, our
desire for a paradigm shift therefore, must not be embroiled or mired with flippant glib of a superficially voluble gab with facile and shallow rhetorics.

All lovers of democracy and good governance must rise up to the occasion to say no to Yahaya Bello’s third term agenda with his tyrannical and licentious behaviours amidst dire libertine consequences.

Democracy without true leadership is baseless and cannot offer desired changes and meet the yearnings and aspirations of the people.

When a leader appears as an unbridled libertine demagoguery in a political ecosystem such that abhors civility and would rather instil indiscipline, nepotism and untoward ethnic bigotry, defense becomes inevitably, a duty for all.

We have suffered untold hardships severally from highly perjured and bifurcated tongues who always appear in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly, they are ravenous wolves.

They come with rhetorical dissimulation and convolved bare forked tongues to not only beguile our people but also to hoodwink them in sordidly recondite codology in borrowed robe.

Since assumption of office in 2016, Yahaya Bello never gave a hoot about the plight or desire of the masses save for his nepotistic, clannish and ethnic game in the state as his major preoccupation was/is to create a mercantile line of shoddy business where returns on investment is enough for him to gallivant around the globe leaving the state a lot worse than he met it, while capitalising on the constitutional lacuna to shortchange the people.

Bello’s personal and interpersonal appeal holds no basis upon which trust can be bestowed on him for another third term in disguise which need men of proven integrity that know their onions and are ready to go all out to use same for the good of all.

We will educate our people and put them on the path of truth as the only basis for selection of leadership in the next dispensation.

On this note, we want to assure that the right persons shall get our maximum supports even as we advise our youths to stay away from those who act god around them in the belief that, “the cocks that crow were once eggs”.

We must have this at the backs of our minds, that political positions are for the service of the public, and those who fight tooth and nail to get them usually have ugly ulterior motives to use such offices for personal gains.

In educating the masses, we will show that the process of picking and supporting those who really have the welfare of the masses at heart need not be difficult. The would-be candidate’s background should suffice as an appraisal.

Let all listen and hear well, both electorates and candidates alike: all have equal rights to aspire to any political office, and all will be subjected to equal appraisals as to fitness in every respect before they can earn the support of all.

And to the aspiring candidates, ignore this at your peril: your greatest support can only be garnered from the people. Trust in one godfather or any “foreign” support will only land you in utter disappointment.

Let them who have ears hear and take heed of what the wind is whistling.

We shall remain focused and undeterred in our quest to secure a new Kogi state for the good of the people even as we all must go back to the source.

The rooster may crow, but it’s the hen who lays the egg.

On Igala governor we stand, no retreat no surrender!

Rt. Hon Dr. Ojoachele Akor Felix
Speaker, IYLA and writes from Kogi

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