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How Americans use ballot to expel a bull from the China shop: Congrats, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on your election



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Chief Mike Ozekhome, SAN, OFR.

A bull in a China Shop is an extremely clumsy person, one who is careless, and who inflicts damage, whether literally or figuratively, on himself, other persons, or the China wareshop.

Such a bull has to be carefully exited from the China shop in such a most delicate way, as to prevent the bull from doing damage to itself, the China shop, or from breaking the Chinawares.

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That was exactly what the Americans just overwhelmingly did, by tossing out Donald Trump with their ballot paper, whether physically, or by mail .

It was time this was done, to save Americans from themselves, and save the world from itself. It was time to put an end to brazen racism, the “I can’t breathe” impunity, and sheer demagoguery.

I heartily congratulate Mr Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris, on their election as President and Vice President of the United States of America, respectively.

Their resounding defeat of President Donald Trump and his Vice, Mr Michael Richard Pence, is both momentous and phenomenal in more ways than one. It is the end of a nightmarish era. It the closure of an ugly chapter of Trump’s narcism, self glorification, early morning false tweets, and diminution of the exalted office of the Presidency of the American people.

This is a Presidency which the founding fathers of the American nation, used their precious sweat, blood, pains and pangs to found as far back as 1776.

Biden’s victory signifies good news and a great relief to a world nearly subsumed under one man’s over – bloated ego, crass disrespect for women and colored people ; and untramelled derision for, and mocking of the disabled and the disadvantaged.

The victory closes a negative chapter of flip-flop policies that continually set the world on edge and make America a greatly divided and fractured country .

Biden’s victory signposts a new refreshing dawn of respectable international engagement and raproachmeht ; not sheer bullying and intimidation of other nations, especially African nations. That he, a white, who was Vice President to Mr Barrack Obama, a black African – American, also chose a black woman of Southern American pedigree, is quite significant.

That Biden is the oldest president ever (almost 78 years), after two earlier failed attempts, is a record in itself.

That Biden garnered over 70 million American votes, the highest in the history of American democracy, is historic and epochal. But some piece of advice here for Mr Biden sir, on some very touching issues.

And these are the very few reasons some Americans and other African nations still preferred and believed in Trump more than you . Mr President – elect sir, run, run, run very fast, far, far away, as if the devil is pursuing you, from recocognisng and accepting gay, abortion and such ungodly and anti Christian practices.

Trump kicked against them, a big plus. You are not just a Christian ; you are a Catholic like me.

The Catholic faith abhors these bestial and sodomic practices. Remember the biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah. I wish you duo, a successful tenure of office as President and Vice President of the greatest democracy in the world.

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