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Governor Uba Sani’s Visit to United Nations General Assembly: A Pathway to Global Collaboration and Economic Gains



Kaduna State governor, Uba Sani
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Ahmed Hassan Ahmed


I will be examining the possible achievements of the visit of His Excellency the Kaduna State Governor distinguished Senator Uba Sani to the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly. The UNGA serves as a platform for global leaders to address pressing issues, forge partnerships, and explore avenues for progress. com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js"> js"> js">

This article highlights the gains associated with this visit, shedding light on the potential for international collaboration and economic growth for Kaduna State and Nigeria.

I. Strengthening Diplomatic Relations

The administration of Governor Uba Sani is anchored of seven critically acclaimed agendas. The SUSTAIN KADUNA AGENDA. SUSTAIN will strengthen Safety and Security, Upgrade Infrastructure, Strengthen Institutions, enhance Trade and Investment.
In addition, the APC Government will Invest in Human Capital and Nurture Citizens Engagement

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The visit of His Excellency Governor Uba Sani a one time Lawmaker to the United Nations General Assembly signifies his administrations commitment to fostering diplomatic relationships on the global stage. It provides an opportunity for Kaduna State to engage with the international community, strengthen existing ties, and establish new partnerships. Through dialogue and exchange of ideas, the Governor in company of Nigeria’s President, Bola Tinubu can represent Nigeria’s interests, voice concerns, and contribute to global discussions on crucial matters such as peace, security, and sustainable development.

II. Showcasing Nigeria’s Potential

The Governor’s visit presents a valuable platform to showcase Kaduna State and the nation’s potential in various sectors, including trade, investment, and tourism. By highlighting the state economic growth, natural resources, and investment opportunities, the Governor can attract international investors, fostering economic collaborations that can drive job creation, technological advancements, and overall development.

III. Exploring Investment Opportunities

The United Nations General Assembly gathers leaders from around the world, including prominent business figures and investors. During the visit, Governor Uba Sani engaged with some of these influential stakeholders, promoting Kaduna State and Nigeria as an attractive investment destination.

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By showcasing the State’s robust infrastructure, built by his predecessor Mallam Nasiru Elrufai, growing consumer market, and favorable business climate, the Governor can attract foreign direct investment (FDI), leading to economic growth, job creation, and technology transfer.

IV. Addressing Global Challenges

The United Nations General Assembly serves as a platform to address global challenges that transcends national boundaries. The Governor’s attendance enables Kaduna State to contribute to discussions on issues such as climate change, poverty alleviation, and gender equality. By sharing Kaduna State experiences, best practices, and innovative solutions, the Governor actively participated in shaping global policies and initiatives, while also benefiting from international cooperation and expertise.

V. Promoting Cultural Exchange and Tourism

Kaduna State is a rich state in Nigeria, it is a culturally rich State with diverse traditions, heritage, and tourism potential.

VI. Building International Support

The visit of distinguished Senator Uba Sani the Kaduna State Governor to the United Nations General Assembly can also garner international support for the state developmental agenda. Through diplomatic engagements, the Governor can rally support for initiatives aimed at poverty eradication, healthcare improvement, education enhancement, and infrastructure development. International partnerships and collaborations just as he recently capitalized on his engagements with the Qatar Government and secured a Housing investment aimed at building 500,000 houses for the people of the State.

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Such engagements will provide Kaduna State and Nigeria with the necessary resources, expertise, and knowledge-sharing opportunities to accelerate progress towards its developmental goals.


The visit of His Excellency, Governor Uba Sani to the United Nations General Assembly holds immense potential for Kaduna State global engagement, economic growth, and international collaboration. By leveraging the platform, Nigeria can strengthen diplomatic relations, attract investments, address global challenges, promote cultural exchange, and build international support for its developmental endeavors. This visit serves as a stepping stone towards a more prosperous and interconnected Kaduna State under the able leadership of His Excellency senator Uba Sani, contributing to the global community while reaping the benefits of global cooperation.

Ahmed Hassan Ahmed is an International Award winning Journalist. His script for a feature on Girl Child Education won the first prize in the Inaugural Educational Journalism Award Competition organized by DFID UK/Kaduna State Ministry of Education.

Ahmed Hassan Ahmed is DITV’s Correspondent in the National Assembly, Abuja.

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