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Ex-deputy Speaker, Nwuche calls on Nigerians to support Wike, says he will restore Abuja master plan



Ex-Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Chief Chibudom Nwuche
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Former deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Prince Chibudom Nwuche has called for support as the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Nyesom Wike was working to restore the master plan of Abuja.

He said, it was necessary that discipline be instilled in the urban development of FCT, stressing that anyone who had lived in Abuja since 1999 would testify of the deterioration of the master plan. com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js"> js">">

In a statement he issued and made available to CAPITAL POST on Saturday, the ex-chief lawmaker lamented that illegal structures have taken over Abuja against laws setting the capital city in motion.

“Since the return of the democratic dispensation in 1999 one can attest to the deterioration of the capital city by illegal structures.

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“Illegal structures have taken over public spaces, green areas illegally allocated by unscrupulous officials to cronies, areas for public facilities like fire services/Police stations were also allocated to individuals.”

Nwuche wondered the lack of provision for fire service in an ever growing city like Abuja, while he queried the immediate past Minister of FCT, Malam Muhammad Bello for watching the city centre turned into slums.

He frowned at the street dirtiness and unkempt environment, adding that, “this should be a clear reason unqualified person should not be appointed to public offices on the basis of nepotism and tribalism.”

He commended President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for appointing the former governor of Rivers State, while expressing the belief that Wike would bring his experience in infrastructure development to bear in FCT.

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He said, Wike is a detribalized and nationalistic Nigerian, who will treat all Nigerians equally, noting that appointment has restored the faith of many Nigerians in our unity,equality as Nigerians and a departure from the nepotism of the past where certain portfolios were reserved for only a part of the country.

He wondered where those bitterly condemning were during the past administration where the ministers of FCT did practically nothing but occupy space and allow the Capital city to fall apart.

No country that desires development should listen to archaic and unexposed persons, be they clerics,former government officials etc who prefer when only those from their tribe and religion hold sensitive offices including the defence and security portfolios in a multi ethnic and multi religious country. When one walks into a Nigerian airport,Police stations, immigration offices etc one should see a reflection of our diversity and all tribes fairly represented. Not the one where at immigration services,police,customs,etc you see a preponderance of one tribe and one religion . These are the issues that have held Nigeria down.He called on people of goodwill to speak up and not allow retrogressives drive down their parochial and divisive agenda.

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He called on President Tinubu to consolidate on his development strides by appointing more competent nationalists into positions of authority and removing anyone found to be a tribal or religious bigot,inorder to set Nigeria firmly on the path of rapid socio economic development and for her to join the committee of developed nations.

We all know the antics of these critics who only see things good when their tribe are appointed into positions, even when those people are destroying our country on account of their incompetence,bigotry and putting a knife to our national unity they keep quiet.

He urged Wike not to be distracted by these critics as Nigerians are much wiser after suffering under incompetent leadership for many years,and understand the antics of these critics.He urged President Tinubu to ignore such people snd continue on the part of giving every Nigerian a sense of belonging irrespective of their tribe and religion

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