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ENDSARS: Peoples Coalition Party tells youths to remain on street until demands are met



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The National Chairman of the Peoples Coalition Party (PCP), Don Anthony Chukwuma Harmattan has urged the Nigerian government to meet the demands of ENDSARS protesters without delay.

In a statement issued and sent to CAPITAL POST in Abuja, the party noted that Nigerian youths have been recklessly treated with abandon for years, hence, the result has been unemployment, impoverishment and others.

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The party wondered how the current leaders who benefited from free education now turned vampires against the younger generation, adding that the youths should remain on the street until their five point demands are met.

He said: “Years of neglect, abandonment, impoverishment, unemployment, agony and frustration, wanton shooting and killing of innocent Nigerians have led many youths to this pathetic state and protest in demand to ending SARS and demand to wholistically reform the Nigerian police and all security agencies towards ending security brutality on Nigerians.

“Many of those in government today are agents of recycling, with many earning salaries of Major Generals, earning salaries as minister of Petroleum and same person still earning salary as President and commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

“What other corruption is greater than that, even so 80% of our youths are jobless and can’t find a token for their daily bread, yet they are harassed, beaten and killed by police in an attempt to silence them.

“Our leaders today had free education and free meal in their time at school. Most of them had pocket money given to them from government coffers while some had the luxury to be sent abroad, housed and quartered by government finances until they finished their education and returned home only to have juicy jobs waiting for them.

“Today they have blinded their eyes to the sacrifices that this nation made on them while they now input all kinds of tarrifs and restrictions on young people without regrets.

“Someone should ask president Buhari how many taxes he paid before he became president of Nigeria and if the British colonialist police had killed him, will he have become president?

The party insisted that Nigerian youths should remain on the streets until their demands are met, adding that the errant SARS operatives should be punished.

“The Peoples Coalition Party supports Nigerian youths to guard their demands jealously and stand by it until all their demands are met. The time of fear is over, now is the time of reality and action.

“We therefore call on the Federal Government to respect the wishes and demands of Nigerians youths and bring all police and SARS that have killed innocent citizens to book .

“We also reject completely the transfer or redeployment of members of SARS back to the police force. We call on the government in addition to prune the bogus salaries of all legislators and political office holders and use part of the proceeds resulting therefrom to create jobs for Nigerians.

“Everyday is for the thieves but one day is for the owners. Nigeria must return power to the owners and the owners are those you see on the streets today”, the party concluded.

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