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Edo Guber: Osaro Onaiwu calls for respect of peoples will in primaries



Osaro Onaiwu
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A frontline Gubernatorial aspirant, and the pioneer Director-General of the PDP Governors Forum, Earl Osato Onaiwu has issued a passionate call to political leaders in Edo State, irrespective of their party affiliations, to prioritize the will of the people in the forthcoming 2024 elections.

With the Gubernatorial primaries in Edo State drawing ever closer, Earl Onaiwu urges all politicians, whether from the PDP, APC, or Labour Party, to reject the destructive practice of imposing candidates and instead support a democratic process that allows the voice of the people to be heard.">

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“We have witnessed firsthand the catastrophic consequences of imposition in Edo State,” says Earl Onaiwu. “The time has come for us to choose a candidate who possesses both the capacity and empathy necessary to lead our great state. We need a candidate who can truly connect with the people, who genuinely values our rich culture and honorable traditions. Edo State deserves a leader who understands the aspirations and needs of the people, not someone who is brought in from outside.”

As a prominent figure within the PDP and a respected leader in Edo State, Earl Onaiwu recognizes the importance of ensuring a fair and inclusive electoral process. He firmly believes that the will of the people should be the guiding force behind the selection of any candidate for the gubernatorial position, urging all politicians to prioritize the genuine aspirations and desires of the Edo people.

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Earl Onaiwu’s call for genuine representation is deeply rooted in his values as a member of the PDP, a party that values inclusivity, democracy, and the welfare of the people. He understands the significance of a leader who prioritizes the people’s interests and actively works towards their upliftment.

In conclusion, Earl Onaiwu highlights the critical need for a candidate who possesses the capacity, empathy, and connection to the people of Edo State. For a state as rich and diverse as ours, it is imperative that we unite in our commitment to ensure that the gubernatorial elections in 2024 are founded on the will of the people, free from imposition and external influences.

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As the primaries draw closer, Earl Onaiwu says as soon as he is declared the consensus candidate of the PDP in the state, he ready to work hand in hand with all political leaders in Edo State, regardless of party affiliations, to bring about a new era of true representation, progress, and prosperity for the great people of Edo and also to unite Edo people.

“At no time in our history have we been as divided as this along ethnic links. I will repair the damage and reunite our people.”

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