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Earth’s rare creature, hippopotamus killed in Kogi



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Nigeria is definitely a blessed country, since the inception of a new the internet has recorded the capture of many creatures on the waters of Nigeria borders.

A facebook user has shared a picture of a captured Hippopotamus in Koton Karfe Local Government, Kogi State.

I sincerely believe that this act is wrong ,conservationist are meant to teach this local Imogene’s about eating this creature’s.

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The health department also needs to advice people about the zoonotic disease carried by this animals, the corona virus epidemic hitting the world today is as a result of eating this wild animals that are not meant to be consumed.

According to the picture share by the facebook user it can be seen that the Kogi state men did not waste any time ,they butchered the hippopotamus.

It is understandable that the country today is facing through a lot,but let us endeavor to be careful for nothing,this is exactly how Ebola and Coronavirus came to existence through the consumption of this wild animals.

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