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Igala Cultural Development Association, ICDA
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1, Cashew produce from Kogi East should be packaged in branded bags for clear and easy identification, and also to thank the state government for it’s support to this vital sector so far. It was also resolved to bring to the attention of the government the promise to establish two Cashew processing factories in igalaland to further enhance the market value of the produce. com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js"> js"> js">

2,Any Fulani caught selling the Cashew produce should be arrested and handed over to relevant agencies for prosecution as they neither own Cashew farms nor engage in the production thereof . Any produce found in their possession is a product of theft and pillaging in the process of grazing their cattle, this has become pertinent to avoid a breakdown of law and order as the ICDA would not hesitate to form a security structure to safeguard the lives and properties of it’s people should relevant security agencies fail to live up to expectations.

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3, The Eroli festival which is a cultural showpiece that engages farmers across board from the Igala kingdom also received a boost as a committee has been set up to draw a working blueprint to showcase the market potentials of our farmers and to also celebrate them. This festival is also to show appreciation to the Almighty and our ancestors for the bountiful blessings from them.

4, ICDA National Executive council was shocked over a purported rejoinder written by this noble body whereas such was never discussed at any fora, While investigating the report, members of the general public and media are advised to disregard any statement that is not sealed through the National Media officers of ICDA. Again, ICDA warned that no organization going forward should write any letter on behalf of the Igala people without consultations or prediscussion by key stakeholders and relevant bodies among the Igala race. The National EXCO Meeting added “that we should not allow politicians take advantage of our differences to cause more harm amongst us”.

5, A deputy media officer was appointed for a seamless and effective running of the media and online presence of the Association.

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6, All branches and chapters of the ICDA have been charged to be proactive and innovative, they are to draw up modalities that would bring the association to limelight and consolidate on the efforts of the national body.

7, The ICDA calls on the State and Federal government to hasten the National Boundary Commission to bring to an end the boundary tussle between Kogi, Enugu and Anambra state. This is as regards the Ibaji oil deposit that has become a major issue that is threatening the peaceful coexistence of the region.

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8, The ICDA condemns in very strong terms the chieftaincy tussle in Akwu that culminated in the senseless killings and wanton destruction of properties and calls on security agencies to bring to book all actors in the crises. The body also observed with dismay the absence of stationed security personnels in the area during and after the period of the crises.

9, The attention of the government is also sought to redeem the deplorable state of the Radio Kogi Ochaja, while commending the government on the efforts to revitalize the information broadcasting sector in the state.

10. The meeting finally commended all National EXCO members, States, Zonal and Local Chapters for their commitment to move ICDA to her current position and urged all concern officials to remain focus. The council therefore passed vote of confidence on the President, Alhaji Amodu Abubakar Sadiq.

All National EXCO members were in attendance.

God bless Igala Kingdom.

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