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Christmas message: Former Gwandu Emir, Mustapha threatens fire, says Kukah, Wike against Islam



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The former Emir of Gwandu in Kebbi State, Alhaji Mustapha Haruna Jokolo has threatened fire and brimstone in his reaction to the Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Father Mathew Hassan Kukah over his Christmas message.

In an article he wrote and made available to the press, he lampooned Kukah, saying, his message was indefensible and an unfortunate utterances against Islam.

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Jokolo faulted the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Saad Abubakar III for allowing the duo of Bishop Kukah and Rivers State governor, Nyesom Nwike to move around in Sokoto, adding that the duo were biased and are against Islam and the northern Emirs.

Part of his reaction reads:

“Nobody can defend the unfortunately continuous denigrating utterances of Bishop Mathiew Kukah against Islam. Don’t even attempt it! If he has any quarrel with President Buhari that’s their onions but any castigation of President Buhari because he is a Muslim will earn him the wrath of every believing Muslim.

“What a Shame on Dr Ahmad Gummi who teamed up with Bishop Kukah to fly in a “ jet plane” to meet Olusegun Obasanjo to reconcile him with Atiku Abubakar (who did not hide his hatred for Islam and Emirs especially the late Emir of Gwandu, Alhaji Haruna Rashid, whom he consistently and falsely maligned and none of his asssociates called him to order!).

“We may criticize President Buhari, but we must NEVER malign his RELIGION ( Islam) and his Tribe (Fulani).

“Otherwise we shall justifiably fight on his side if it so happens. These are areas that are non negotiable!

“If Sultan Saad Abubakar was discerning and had not the temerity to freely open the doors of the Sultanate Council for biased people like Bishop Kukah and Governor Wike of Rivers State to prowl around they would not have the guts to be denigrating Islam, Muslims and Islamic Leaders.

“Decent Christian Leaders like John Cardinal Onaikan, Arch Bishop Ola Makinde, Arch Bishop Achigil, Arch Bishop Dr Mbang etc will never abuse the hospitality of their hosts.

“I hope he has learnt his lesson to be less carefreeness and be more circumspect.

“The less his utterances the better for his dignity and the dignity of the Sultanate. He should at least take a dressing from both his late father, Sultan Abubakar III and his late brother, Sultan Muhammadu Maccido both of whom personified the dignity of themselves and the Sultanate.

“Try browsing the website of “ DURO ONABULE TODAY, 07059484642 duroonabule” in DAILYSUN Friday, August 28, 2020 titled “Baiting South West and South East “.

“It will give an insight of what the Yoruba perceive as the ploy by Bishop Kukah, TY Danjuma, Jerry Gana and all those MiddleBelt Noisemakers. The Yoruba are too intelligent to allow anyone pull wool over their eyes.

“There was another write up on Bishop Kukah that I wrote in 2005, while on admission in the National Hospital, Abuja, under Pseudonym Modupe Foluwa (meaning: I am grateful to God) titled“, THIS PRIEST HAS FALLEN “ published in the Daily Trust Newspaper. I shall send you a copy.

“We should take note that General TY Danjuma not long ago was denigrating and berating the Military and even inciting the Nigerians to take law into their hands by defending themselves against the Armed Forces of Nigeria who he falsely accused of being biased.”

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