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Christ lives in you – Colossians 1:27



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The Evidence
Evidence is a conclusive proof that clears ALL doubt. Where there is evidence, people believe and obey without reservation; evidence creates conviction. Judges need evidence to convict a criminal or to set him free, lawyers don’t go to court without evidence; medical doctors search for proofs to establish any claim;  and every research is conducted in the quest for evidence.

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Here are evidences of real people just like us who believe that CHRIST lives in them and the tremendous miracles that followed.

Before I joined this church, every month my children were always admitted in the hospital, and we would spend a lot of money on treatment . But now that we have an understanding that _CHRIST lives in US,_ sickness has ceased in my family. Not just that, I paid for a new apartment, and when my family and I were planning to move in, we discovered that our neighbor is a witch doctor, the person who moved out of the room, actually did because of attacks from the witch doctor. When pastor came to dedicate the room, he immediately called an estate agent to look for another house for us but I told him not to worry about that because I now know that CHRIST lives in us, the battle belongs to the Lord. So we prayed and dedicated the house. Since the dedication, every morning while sweeping I will declare that I sweep away every adversary out of this compound. Few days later very early in the morning without notice, the witch doctor hastened and packed out of the compound because _the Spirit of Christ lives in us!_ Hallelujah! Bro. Obinna 

Praise the Lord, praise master Jesus! I travelled to my hometown during the Christmas, I began to feel headache. And I said, for the fact that I left Abuja to Makurdi does not mean I left Christ there. And I gave the headache 5 minutes to leave. Instantly the headache stopped! The church where I fellowship at Makurdi asked the youth to propose a drama, I came up with one and titled it “He(Christ) lives in me.” After the drama presentation, the church came to the knowledge that CHRIST lives in them, to the extent that ALL their preaching from then on centered on the indwelling Christ. Praise the Lord! Sis. Miriam.

The first day I came here, I heard a brother share a testimony about how he was healed because Christ lives in him. I was having pain under my abdomen and as l got home that day, l said, ” if Chris truely lives in me, let this pain stop and immediately, the pain Vanished! Sis. Joy

(Culled from The Evidence)
God’s word has been verified, and we have confirmed that CHRIST lives in US, for: “no man can do this miracles, EXCEPT God be with him”!
In the mouth of two or three witness a matter is settled.

Sadly, many carry the Greater One in them yet they run from place to place looking for great men of God,  ( Don’t get me wrong men of God are vital) but the truth is that, God wants ALL of us powerful individualistiacally.
There’s nothing wrong with any child of God that cannot be cured by the Christ within.
So, friend if you have not received Christ as your Lord and savior you can do that now, so that you can share in the joy which many of us now experience. To enjoy the power of His presence, pray: Lord Jesus, l ask that you forgive me my sin, please come into my heart and be my Lord and savior. Thank you for saving me.

Congratulations! As you study God’s word to feed the Spirit of Christ in you, join believers around the world to redirect your faith to Christ in you to take whatever miracle you desire (see Ephesians 3:17-20.) Please remember to send in your testimony to the glory of God and to edify

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 other people encounter Christ in them, share! 

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