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Big Icee talk through on the impact of celebrity on society



Big Icee
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One of Africans finest art who goes by the name Big icee with real name caxton Anokwuru an artist. A medial personality has taken out his time to talk about the influence of celebrity to our society.

Celebrities are playing a strong role as role models in our society today. Their influence can not be over emphasized. adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Celebrities has influenced the youth in our society positively and negatively in so many ways. Big Icee thinks celebrities are not doing enough to influence our society positively rather they do it negatively which has resulted to many woes we are witnessing today in our society.

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Celebrities has taken the negate part of life and painted it on the face of the public, misleading many with their bad behavior bad attitudes towards life. Take for example many celebrities proudly display hard drugs, display how they get drunk, display how they abuse marijuana and all other hard substances that are harmful. As a result of this many of their followers sees it as right thing to do because this celebrities are doing it.

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Especially the very young and ignorant once, this had led to so many damages in our society as of today. Big Icee thinks differently on this and is calling out celebrities to adjust in their display of themselves especially on social media which is now the new media and most consume media by majority of the youth in the world.

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Please celebrities should use their platforms to promote a more positive attitude that will help in shaping the future society we want.

In conclusion, being a celebrity has a huge impact on societies, and for better or worse, people get a lot of influence from them. However, ultimately, it is important to think and act on your own initiative and not be influenced too much by celebrities.

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