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As Israel-Sudan normalizes relationship



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The news of normalization of Israel and Sudan’s relationship brokered by the United States of America President, Donald Trump on Friday is nonetheless a welcome development in the history of Arabs embracing peace in the interest of the present generation and those yet unborn.

Sudan is the third Arab country following the United Arab Emirates and Barhain to restore their diplomatic ties with Israel, a tiny, but powerful Jewish nation of about 8 million citizens surrounded by Arab nations. com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js">


In barely, four years of Donald Trump’s administration, he has implemented some of his foreign policies that manifestly showed his commitment to peace and tranquility of nations of the world. Though, with mixed feelings and outright condemnation of his actions with regards to foreign policies, i. e. his administration’s recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel and the relocation of America’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem which followed by some nations that embittered some sworn foes of the Israeli nation.

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No country is an island, even as each country has its own trade comparative advantages; it is expected that the terrorist ravaged Sudan with a $9.70 USD billion would explore
opportunities available to them in the area of migration, agriculture and Aviation with Israel to strengthen and rejig their economy.

It’s also heart warming that Sudan would be delisted from nations that sponsors terrorism by the Donald Trump administration, a situation that would see to lifting of sanctions on the Sudanese. The incumbent transitional government of Sudan is expected to consolidate on gains inherent in the restoration of diplomatic ties with Israel and other arrangements intended for the Sudanese battered economy and, as well, rescind policies of the former President, Omar Hassan Al-bashir which festered terrorists in the land.

It’s unarguable that from 1989 to 2019, when Al-Bashir ruled the Sudanese people, it was turbulent for the citizens with the presence of terrorists such as Al-Shabab, Al-Queda and other Islamic terrorists who have decimated the Sudanese economy with heavy human and resources casualties. The 1993 Al-Shabab terrorists attack is a sad story that should not be allowed by any responsible government any more.

Like the President of the United States revealed that $350 million would be earmarked as compensation for victims of 1993 terrorist attack, the Chairman of the Sovereignty Council, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan and Prime Minister, Abdalla Hammock must ensure adequate compensation for victims, and organise National reconciliation.

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The transitional government must be courageous in combating terrorism, reorganize participatory democracy and maintaining diplomatic relations with other nations of the world.

Now that Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime minister of Israel has agreed to normalizing relations with Sudan, the leader must be seen to be committed to Israeli’s side of the bargain. Peace is sacrosanct; it must be pursued by the two nations in the interest of the middle east and the world in general. Peace is not found, it’s deliberate creation of atmosphere for it to thrive. It’s on this premise that other Arab nations who are critical of Israel and the United States to embrace a new world order of peace.

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The world we met in peace must be preserved and left in legacy of peace, notwithstanding the differences in race and culture. This is particularly so, that Israel’s neighbours, Palestinian Liberty Organisation (PLO) has openly condemned Sudan’s normalization of relationship with Israel, describing the development as a ‘stab on the back’ . It’s time the Palestine pursue peace, no nation can offer them, but themselves. In the 21st century world, Palestine’s relationship with Israel would be an advantage to the Palestinians than it should to Israel for so many factors.

Samson Atekojo Usman, a journalist writes from Abuja, Nigeria

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