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Afrobeats: The Global Takeover Begins – Insights from Nigerian Music Executive Segun Adewumi Gabriels



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In the dynamic world of music, few genres have enjoyed the meteoric rise and global recognition that Afrobeats has achieved. Nigerian Music executive Segun Adewumi Gabriels, popularly known as “ApiLifestyle,” offers compelling insights into the genre’s promising future and its potential to sweep across continents, with a particular focus on Asia. adsbygoogle || []).push({});

In a recent interview, Gabriels expressed his optimism about Afrobeats becoming a household music genre worldwide. While acknowledging its growing success in the US, UK, and Europe, he emphasized the need for this vibrant musical culture to establish a deeper connection with diverse parts of the world. According to Gabriels, the year 2023 marked a significant turning point as Afrobeats sets its sights on Asia.

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One fascinating aspect of Afrobeats’ global reach is its influence on dance styles and music videos. Gabriels pointed out the increasing popularity of Afrobeats-infused dance steps and videos on the streets of China, largely attributed to the talents of Ghanaian dancer Yoofi Green. International radio stations and programs are also tapping into the infectious sound that has captivated African audiences for years, and Asian listeners are eagerly joining the rhythm.

At its core, Afrobeats is all about the vibes. Its catchy beats and sounds are so infectious that even if you don’t understand the lyrics initially, you can’t resist moving to the music or dancing along. It’s this universal appeal that has contributed to Afrobeats’ rapid global ascent.

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Segun draws a parallel with the global acceptance of Reggaeton and dancehall in the 2000s, illustrating how music can serve as a unifying global force. Afrobeats is now following a similar trajectory, with artists like Wizkid, Davido, Burna Boy, and Asake leading the charge. Their international acclaim, including sold-out shows like the O2 Arena, has helped champion Afrobeats worldwide. Afrobeats is one the biggest exports from Nigeria and indeed Africa alongside Nollywood.

Furthermore, emerging talents like Omah Lay, Ckay and Rema have contributed to Afrobeats’ global recognition, with their songs becoming trending hits on platforms like TikTok in 2022/23. Segun predicts that Afrobeats will continue its ascent in 2024, with the Asian continent playing a pivotal role in propelling the genre further onto the global stage. In his vision, China and India are set to be major players in embracing and spreading Afrobeats’ sound.

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Segun Adewumi Gabriels, also known as “ApiLifestyle,” is not just a music executive; he’s an event and artist manager, and also the co-owner/founder of Tokyo Nightlife, one of Abuja’s premier nightclubs. His unique perspective on Afrobeats’ global journey provides a glimpse into the genre’s potential to become a musical phenomenon embraced by people worldwide.

As Afrobeats continues to evolve and resonate with audiences on a global scale, the music world eagerly awaits the next chapter in its extraordinary journey, with Asia poised to play a leading role in this musical revolution.

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