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30 terrorists killed for attacking presidential guards in Bwari – Military



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The Nigerian Military on Thursday disclosed that there was counter and counter attack that led to the killing of 30 terrorists with their hideout combed and destroyed.

The Defence headquarters said that the troops of 7 guard’s battalion and 176 battalion backed by aircraft of the Nigerian Airforce killed 30 of the terrorists during the operation and counter operation. adsbygoogle || []).push({}); js">

The Military’s Director of Defence Media Operations, Major General Bernard Onyeuko explained that Kawu and Ido villages have been cleared of terrorists.

The operation followed the ambush of presidential guards by terrorists on Sunday that led to the killing of a Captain, Lieutenant and other casualties.

Updating journalists, Onyeuko confirmed that there was a planned attack on the Nigerian Law School, Bwari by the terrorists.

The military authority, however, denied a voice note that explained the terrorists attack in Bwari left by an unknown soldier which has gone viral.

The voice note said:

“No be small matter. The issue be say them write one school of law wey dey this Bwari/Kubwa road.

There’s one particular school of law there, so they wrote the school that they are coming to attack the school. So the moment they receive that letter they inform our battalion which is the Guards Brigade. So, instantly, we went there and we started all round defence deployment.

“They were now contemplating that this people that said that they were coming to school of law, they may have plan B to attack another place, so we now look for a nearest prominent target that they might come for as well, and that happens to be one Veritas University very close to that place, like3.2km away from it. So, we went there as well to create all round defence, so we have been there for over 2 weeks now before this attack came up on Sunday.

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“So we were there, so in the night we normally observe some torchlight in the bush at that Veritas University, they say ‘Ah Ah, who are this people in this bush’. We asked those security men in that school, ‘is this how you people normally observe torchlight’, they said ‘No’.

“So, when the day break, we have to advance into the bush. It was on Sunday; I went with them myself. Do you get it? I was there.

“So when we got there, we saw where they were smoking, we saw where they kill Goat, they eat, we saw their tramadol, that was when we confirm that this people are in this bush.

“We now re-enforce, we saw some re-enforced, some backup, they brought APC, they brought gun trucks, they brought Artillery Team. So we now advance into the bush, I’m talking about on Sunday, this previous Sunday. So we advance searching for them, so we now got to some place, there is water and some rock there, the gun truck cannot channel into that particular route, so we had to park them there, that was why we had causalities, to be sincere with you.

“We parked the AA, we parked the GPMG, we parked the gun trucks because they can’t follow us. We now went into the bush with our rifles alone and the Ak-47 we are all carrying, that’s all we carried. We didn’t even carry RPG, I am telling you the simple truth. Thinking that they might just be a pocket of enemy, that maybe they will not be more than 20, 30 or thereabout.

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“So the moment we went into the bush, they’ve seen us from a very far distance, we have not seen them. So, they now laid down, they laid ambush for us waiting for us to come and penetrate. They flanked us from left and right, so the moment we get to their own AOR like this, my brother it’s a long story. They engaged us, as in they really engaged us.

“We lost four soldiers in my own Unit. It was three units that went there, 177 and 102 from Keffi, including my own unit 7 guards’ battalion. They dislodged us because they are fully prepared. They used Mortar Shells, IED explosive devices, they shell us but we still managed and try and killed almost 12 of them, and they succeeded by killing 1 captain, 1 lieutenant and 2 soldiers in my unit, and the rest unit, I think they lost 1 soldiers of 177 battalion Keffi, while 102 lost 1 soldier as well.

“But at least, we engaged them to some extent, so that is the situation of the case but from now, we have been dislodging them since that day, re-enforcement. In short, I don’t think none of them is in that bush again, they’ve all went through this Kaduna route because we will follow them, no be small attack, we will bombard that place.

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All those place wey gun truck no fit follow, we will go carry the gun truck go turn, go meet them for front, no be small wahala oh. But we just bless God for life. As I’m talking to you, I’m in General Hospital, I’m in National Hospital rather but we just bless God for everything. So that’s it.

“It is not that they have the mind to face soldier, they knew we were outside, that is the reason they can’t come outside. Had it been there were no soldier in that school of law, they would have scattered that school for a very long time but they have to wait because they knew soldiers are outside and we mount there like it is our barrack, since the road is leading to the school, we turn it to duty, 10 soldiers everyday with rifles and gun truck.

“That is how we’ve been doing it till this very moment before we now say let’s even advance since we’ve seen the torchlight, lets even advance and see them and clear their doubt, but because they knew we were coming as well, they were ready and they did their worst but they found themselves to blame.

“Any other thing aside from what I’m explaining to you, if you hear anything from news, it’s a lie. Everybody is just gathering information to say many things that is not real on social media. As I’m talking to you now, I’m in National Hospital and they are communicating with me because I’m with some soldiers here as well that are injured. You guys should just be helping us in prayer. May God help us all.

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