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Niger APC denies ‘bribe for delegates’ report, says opposition working to discredit party



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The All Progressives Congress (APC), Niger State Chapter has denied collecting bribe from any gubernatorial aspirant to mobilize delegates in the forthcoming delegates congress of the party in the state.

The party reacted to the ‘bribe for delegates’ speculation in some of the media platforms.

The Publicity Secretary of the party in Niger State, Alhaji Labaran Sarkinkaji made the denial, stating that the APC as a party will not for any reason collect money to mobilize delegates for any governorship aspirants.

He said those pedlling such speculations were some disgruntled elements within the opposition that are afraid of the competent and acceptable numbers of the aspirants the APC is parading ahead of the party delegates Congress of the party in the State.

Addressing journalists at the party Secretariat Wednesday, the party Publicity Secretary explained that as a member of the state executive of the party, and also as member of the state working committee (SWC), of the party no body has collected any money from any of the givernorship aspirant.

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“I can tell you as the spokeman of APC in Niger State, also as a member of the executive and member of the state working committee of APC in the state, no any member of the executive of the APC has collected a dime from any of the givernorship aspirants of our great party, the rulling party in the country and the state.

“We don’t even have any reason to collect money from the aspirants. If I may even ask, collect money for what.”?.

According to the him, those behind the speculations were only doing that just to win public sympathy from the people of Niger State because of the APC’s popularity as a result of the intimidating number of the governorship aspirants that keep on increasing on daily basis.

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He maintained that no amount of blackmail from the opposition that will stop the APC to continue rulling the state and the country, stating that APC as a party will not for any reason join issue with the opposition “because we don’t want to be distracted by their antics.

“As a party we are focused and we are resolute and cannot allow ourselves to loose focused for any reasons”

Some media platforms in the last two weeks were awash with series of banner headlines alleging that some staunch the All progressive Congress (APC) members, in Niger State were paid the sum of N5 billion by one of the front runner governorship aspirant in the state to mobilize delegates for him at the party Congress.

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“There should bring their evidences of the money paid and paid to who at what point and paid 5 billion naira for what. Let me reiterate for the record, nobody, and I repeat no body not even any executive of the party collected any Kobo from the governorship aspirant in question.

The delegates are the deciding factor of who they will vote at the party Congress. So for people to stay in the comfort of their room to peddle such unsubstantiated allegations well, the APC executive that I belong to as the publicity secretary l must tell you again that I’m not aware of any money paid by any of the givernorship aspirants” he asserted.


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