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Veteran Journalist, Dele Momodu joins PDP presidential race 2023



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A veteran journalist who has finally joined the Presidential race as an Aspirant under the umbrella of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Dele Momodu, has today in Maiduguri brokered his intention to contest the PDP Presidential election to deliver what past leaders that have ruled and are leading Nigeria could not do due to what he described as bureaucracy.

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He added that,” “we have competent hands a sable people who can rule this country successfully but have been denied the opportunity by what they called some cabals who feel that nobody can rule Nigeria like them or without them.

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“Leadership of Nigeria takes genuine and honest leaders to pursue issues and challenges bordering Nigerians like electricity, security and education which come out of idleness. Idle minds and lack of education generate insecurity and we have what it takes to provide every Nigerian with job or something doing”, Dele said

Speaking to PDP members and supporters that converged at Armani Event Center, Off Damboa road Maiduguri, he said,” Nigeria is endowed with human and material resources but the good leaders who have the heart and feelings of Nigeria and Nigerians have been denied the opportunity for long and it is now the right time for people like him to come out and contest the presidential election to give Nigerians what they want”.

According to him, cabals are those responsible for Nigeria’s electricity problem, insecurity and poor level of educational facilities over the years while pledging to bring to an end their inglorious regime if Nigerians will elect as the next president of Nigeria..

The veteran Journalist who is also a Publisher of Ovation International Magazine further promised to prioritize the basic and essential sectors of the economy like health, education, water supply electricity supply, security and other sectors.

The PDP Presidential Aspirant also said that he would ensure that Nigeria students are able to access standard and quality education without going abroad to seek for knowledge, stressing that he is prepared to match in any toes responsible for the deliberate failures associated with the major sectors of the country while describing ry act as economic sabotage and unpatriiotism.

Momodu earlier disclosed that he was in Maiduguri on condolence visit to his friend Garba Ramadan who is one of his associates and decided to consult his PDP members and supporters over his aspiration to run for the Presidency in 2023 which informed his brief audience with his constituents, PDP Stakeholders in Borno state.

He added that he is still consulting with other leaders and members of the party across the country to fine-tune a way forward to address major Nigerian issues and problems while criticizing some leaders of the country of sabotage and betrayal.

”I hate that word the cabal. Because they are the ones that hold our power sector and others. But I am determined and have the determination as one of the leaders to succeed where others failed . I will change the bureaucracy holding the country, particularly, the power sector down.

”I have the knowledge and solutions to fix power sector problems aming others. If you don’t know how to go about it , they will brown beat you down. So, in leadership, you can’t give what you don’t have. I will employ experts in every sector to handle their areas of specialization very well not just bringing anybody anyhow, ” Dele said.

The Presidential Aspirant further said that he had supported President Muhammadu Buhari for long to effect changes in the system of leadership of the country, especially, in the energy and other essential sectors but wondered why Mr President failed to deliver on his electioneer ING campaign promises .

”That’s one of the reasons why we supported Baba Buhari, and everybody knows he is a very disciplined Man . But unfortunately, I don’t know what happened. May be ill health or so as he couldn’t do those things we expected from him or him to do neither fixing problems in the power sector which is one thing we expected him to do.

“I am not joking. Anyone who knows me is aware that I have been imprisoned, forced into exile for three years. I have have what it takes to fix the problems of this country, especially, in the energy sector”, Dele said

Speaking on educational condition of the county, Chief Dele explained further that apart from ensuring the provision standard and quality education will include boosting skills acquisitions and vocational Entreprenuership education for the teeming unemployed youths by way of making them self reliant and empowering.

The Presidential Aspirant however lamented on the challenges and issues of insecurity in different parts of the country, especially, Borno state and north east which are known for peace and hospitality while putting blame of failure on the federal government for it’s inability to provide standard and quality education including skills acquisitions and vocational training or Entreprenuership to address issues of joblessness and youths Empowerment towards changing the narrative across the country.

He also said that Education will be given priority by his leadership hence education is not just about going to school and obtaining a certificate,” We will encourage more of vocational studies. We have too many talented youths roaming the streets.”

In issue if insecurity in the country, Chief Momodu said,” It is also not just about buying guns to fight insecurity. We will engage the youths also in the fight but positively.”

“I really appreciate Borno people for the warm reception given to me and my entourage. I assure you that Borno State and other parts of the North East region will once again witness peace and economic prosperity if I am elected as the next President of Nigeria, come 2023. I will still com.back for a proper and better campaigns and consultations,” Dele said.

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