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Nnamdi Kanu not worth Nigeria’s problem, he’s too small – Senator Okorocha



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Former governor of Imo State and Senator representing Imo West Senatorial district, Rochas Anayo Okorocha said it was the Federal government of Nigeria that over hyped Nnamdi Kanu and made a larger than life image out of him.

He said that Nnamdi Kanu was an over zealous man who is too small to decide for people of the South when serious minded elderly people are still alive, but said government’s failure in managing Nnamdi Kanu is now a big problem that they should look for ways to manage it.

The former governor spoke at the Nigeria Union of Journalists, FCT Council on Monday while celebrating his 59th birthday in Abuja.

He said it’s worrisome to the people of the Southeast for government to offer amnesty to Boko Haram terrorists who killed and wreck havoc on peoples farmlands, but dissipating energy on the prosecution of Nnamdi Kanu.

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Okocha said, the sensitive issue of Nnamdi Kanu has been lost; the case has become a tribal issue now; hence, he advocated that a roundtable discussion should be the way out at this time, adding that agitators like Kanu and others should be warned against destability of the nation.

“Ab-initio, I had advised that government shouldn’t have gone the way they went before shooting the image of the boy too high.

“We have met the issue on ground, when it started but when we started talking about Nnamdi Kanu, Nnamdi Kanu became a bigger than life image.

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“What I would suggest is that federal Government and the Southeast should meet and find a way to sort out this problem, it is an evil wind that will not blew no one any good.

“Nnamdi Kanu should not be made a very high issue. I wish as a senator said, that we just bring him around a table and let us know his anger.

“There is Jim Nwobodo, Ezeife, Iwuanyanwu, leaders of thought in the Southeast and others, a young man wants to tell us the way to go. If we can get this kind of talk you find out that it is not worth the trouble we are giving to it.

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“Whatever that can resolve to get him out of that cell, with some kind of warning and undertaking, let the leaders say look, let bygone be bygone, let us start a new Nigeria, it will help.

“Not only him, the other agitators across the country, bring them back and talk to them, what is sensitive now in the Southeast is the issue that they are giving amnesty to Boko Haram, and the Nnamdi Kanu is in detention.

“It is no longer about Nnamdi Kanu now, it is taking a new dimension, I see this as overzealous young man who did not even experience the civil war and is talking more about the civil war, than we that have experienced it.”


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