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Buhari banned me from seeing him – Benue governor



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The Executive governor of Benue State Dr. Samuel Ortom said President Muhammadu Buhari has banned him from seeing him for any reason.

He disclosed that he wouldn’t be able to see Mr President for a discussion on State matters matters given that the Presidency has turned down his request to see him.

“My requests for discussion on issues of national security have been turned down without reasons.

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Ortom said that he discovered the plan against him after his request to meet the President was not granted and that no reason was given on why it wasn’t approved.

The Governor noted that after his investigation, it was discovered that the Presidency had directed that his request for any meeting with the president should not be granted.

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According to him, the meeting was basically to inform him of issues that could help stem the insecurity tide within the country particularly around the middle belt region, and that it was not for personal benefits.

Ortom, who disclosed the ban imposed on him during an interview on a popular Television talk show on Tuesday, said that the only medium he could express his displeasure against the President’s policies including the approval on open grazing routes was through the Nigerian media.

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The governor has vehemently resisted open grazing policy which has pitched him against President Buhari who believes Fulani Herders should be allowed to roam around their cattles.

Ortom insistence on anti-open grazing was borne out of insecurity caused by Fulani herders who have been wrecking Benue and other States.


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