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Proposed Advanced Aircraft Engineering Laboratory Agency: Buhari appealed to cite it in Zaria instead of Gusau [Open letter]



President Muhammadu Buhari
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Muhammadu Buhari
President and Commander-in-Chief
of the Armed Forces
Federal Republic of Nigeria

Your Excellency,

Re: Establishment of Advance Aircraft Laboratory Engineering Agency in Gusau, Zamfara State

It is a thing of great joy to all Nigerians that your administration has fulfilled its promises to the Aviation industry with the establishment of the Advance Aircraft Engineering Laborarory Agency.

The establishment of this agency is indeed an indellible achievement of the present administration in its avowed commitment to reform and improve on the infrastructural base of the aviation industry to bring it in tune to recent developments in the aviation sector all over the world to make the industry in Nigeria competitive with the best all over the world.

As commendable as it is in the establishment of the Advance Aircract Engineering Laboratory Agency to the aviation industry in Nigeria, the citing of the Agency in Gusau, the capital of Zamfara State is anything but not the best of decision recently reached by this administration.

As one who wish this administration well and bouyed by patrotic zeal out of the love for my country, I wish to appeal that the singular decision of siting this laboratory in Gusau, the capital of Zamfara state should advisably be rescinded.

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The reason for this advice, Mr. President are not far fetched and they include, but are not limited to the following patroitic reasons:

。It is better that this agency should have been cited in Zaria, Kaduna state due to its proximity to many of the nations aviation infrastructure and establishments such as the Nigerian Aviation School, the National Aviation Development Agency, etc.

。The proximity of those established and entrenched aviation infrastructure of our country all situated in Zaria, would bring this inter agencies synergy and co-operation in the aviation industry for the common good and development of our nation.

。Today and regrettably so, the security situation in Zamfara State is worrisome to all in the country and even in the international community.The rate of banditry and other criminal activities being witnessed in Zamfara State has made the citing of this agency in the State today not the best decision.

Zaria, for so long has been recognised because of its peaceful nature, has the aviation hub of our nation. It is a place that convincingly, is recognised as a town that has all the raw materials needed in the aviation industry to make the Advance Aircraft Laboratory Agency successful and its mandate redeemably achievable within a very short time to the glory of your administration’s reforms in the aviation industry.

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Your administration, our dear President has preached about a new type of politics where merit would never be sacrificed at the alter of political expediencies, and the citing of the Advance Aircraft Engineering Laboratory agency should not be an exception.

Today, the masses of this country know you as a leader who unapologetically listen to wise counsels by admitting when it has made a faulty decision and not afraid to rescind those decisions. The citing of this agency in Zaria rather than Gusau should not be an exception.

The Advance Aircraft Engineering Laboratory Agency as one of the tools deployed in the Aviation Industry is a first in this part of the world. We appreciate the efforts this administration has made in the reform sector and we think politics should never just as it has never been a part of the consideration of your administration especially in the citing of critical agencies just like the subject we are discussing in this open letter.

The aviation sector would be better for it if it is totally reformed as this administration is doing today.

We totally agree with you, sir that the time for the Advance Aircraft Engineering Laboratory Agency establishment has come.

The Advance Aircraft Engineering Laboratory is a welcome development. It is a veritable asset for the aviation industry and its conception and implementation would no doubt reassure the international community of the country,s seriousness in the development of its aviation industry.

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We commend you sir, our President for matching your promises with actions especially as you have shown that your administration is an aviation friendly one. Indeed, we believe also that Zamfara state which is a part and parcel of the Federal Republic of Nigeria deserves to be allocated projects that would boost the living standard of its people and our advice against the sitting of this laboratory is not given out of malice for the state but sincerely out of patroitic zeal for our country.

Mr. President sir, your laudable initiatives in the aviation sector which has transformed the nations Aviation Industry to one of the best in the world is there for all to see.

We therefore implore you to kindly listen to this call in the national interest by rescinding the decision of making the citing of the Advance Aircraft Engineering technology, Gusau, Zamfara State be relocated to Zaria, Kaduna state.

We wish you to succeed and you will,our amiable president.
Long live the president.
Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Musa Wada, a public affairs analyst writes from Abuja and can be reached on:


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