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Nigeria is treading on dangerous path as young people are disempowered – Kukah



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Bishop Mathew Hassan Kukah said Nigeria is treading on a very dangerous path in the annals of history as the young people are facing uncertain future.

Kukah, who is the Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese maintained that Nigeria’s democracy is wobbling as democracy and dictatorship can’t cohabit especially as young people are feeling disempowered.

While speaking at an event organised by The Kukah Centre and Open Society Initiative for West Africa, OSIWA, in Abuja, on Thursdy, the clergy maintained that: “This is a dangerous path we are treading. Our young people are feeling disempowered.

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According to him, Nigeria is a country consuming its own inhabitants, while expressed regret that he least envisaged that the country would be this bad.

He urged Nigerians to think of the mistake they plunged themselves into as another opportunity beckons in 2023.

He said: “Democracy is not an exercise undertaken by good men and women, which is what Nigerians have always fallen victim to — that we are looking for holy men, men of integrity, men of dignity to govern us and we assume that managing a diverse Nigeria does not require some level of deep intellectual reflection and understanding on the complexity in managing a society so energetic.

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“We are faced with a nation that is consuming its own children, we are faced with the prospects of an uncertain future.

‘’It is impossible, even the worst enemy of Nigeria would never have contemplated that this is where we will be.”


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