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Plateau youths blow hot, protest injustice by newly established University



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Plateau youths under the umbrella of Berom Youth-Moulders Association, Vwang District have staged a peaceful protest against the Management of Karl Kum University Vom, who allegedly denied Dr. Daniel Kim his appointment letter as the Registrar of the Institution despite his impressive performance during the interview.

The youths, who besieged premises of the University, carrying leaves and placards, chanting songs against injustice and discrimination, also kicked against the flagrant disregard to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) the management signed with the community.

It was gathered that the Executive Secretary, Nigeria Christian Pilgrims Commission (NCPC), Rev. Yakubu Pam visited the scene of the protest and pleaded with the youths to maintain calm that the contentious issues would be addressed.

He requested the youths to calm their frayed nerves and give the Management of the University one week to settle the grey areas for the smooth take off of the Institution.

Chairman of the Berom Youth-Moulders Association, Vwang District, Barr. Emmanuel Mangu who presented the position of the youths, said the community willingly donated the entire land where the institution is seated without any form of compensation only for the University to turned down the agreement.

“The Vwang community donated lands free of charge without any form of percuniary compensations whatever from COCIN for the take off of KKU sited in Vom sequel to series of meetings held in the Palace of the District Head of Vwang particularly the meeting that took place on the 2nd day of December, 2005.

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“Such resolutions signed, sealed and delivered as a pact tagged Memorandum of Understanding on the 5th Day of November, 2007. This land situated in Danyas Turu Vwang measuring 61.7 Hectares apart from another large expanse of land in Kiryei Chugwi.”

Mangu expressed grievances over the ungodly development ensuing from the Management of KKU who he said are collaborating with COCIN to scheme out the community and Berom nation from enjoying the terms and conditions contained in the pact earlier signed with the community.

“It’s with utmost dismay, and is regretably to assert that COCIN in collaboration with KKU MANAGEMENT BoT have wittingly schemed out if not relegated Vwang community and by extension the Berom nation from enjoying the terms and conditions.

“They have refused to respect such an MOU of that magnitude particularly terms number 5. Which stipulated thus: ”That principal officers play very important roles in the survival and growth of the university, therefore, any person qualified from the host community will be considered on merit”.

“This term was maliciously breached prior to take off of academic activities in the university which poses ostensibly inimical dangers to the peace and tranquility of COCIN as a Church and smooth take off of KKU Vom. We see perpetrators of this unwittingly unwise actions as enemies of progress and merchants of crisis.”

He informed that examination and interviews were conducted for the post of Registrar where three persons were shortlisted for the interview and candidate from the host community who performed credibly was announced to have scored the highest mark and deem fit as Registrar of the Institution but was denied his appointment letter.

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“It’s on record that examination/interviews were conducted for the post of Registrar whereof three people were shortlisted for the interview and the candidate from the host community who performed credibly excellent among the three was announced to be the best performed and first among the three.

“But It’s lamentably to hear one Prof. Pandang Yamsat, a former COCIN President who signed that MoU and whose hatred For the Vom people and by extension the Berom Nation knows no bounds, placed a call to Prof. Bogoro of TETFUND, the BoT Chairman of KKU claiming that Berom have many members in the governing board and alleged that Daniel Dung Kim has issues with NUC an act that saw Mr DANIEL Dung KIM being dumped For the Second best candidate.

“This act griefs our hearts and sends cold shivers to our spines as to whether COCIN and KKU Management would fulfill their obligations to us, the his community as contained therein in the pact we signed.

“We reliably gathered that the Genesis of the problem started when a Lady by name Serah Gowan,who is lecturer with the university of Jos whose hands are tainted with nepotism ethnic bigotry and ethnocentric viciousness displayed by her in the one sided employment did in Unijos which the National Assembly have queried and investigated having sworn never to allow a Berom to become a VC despite winning and was said to have come second for Registrar of KKU.

“She is also a member of governing council placed a called to professor Sulaiman Bogoro that Dr. Daniel Kim has issue with PLASU, Prof.Bogoro called the chairman of governing council, Prof.Onazi Ochape where Ochape summoned a meeting of governing council and in the meeting a fact finding committee was constituted and went round the institutions that has served,and discovered nothing wrong with the stewardship of Mr DANIEL KIM.

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“The NUC was in KKU for VCship not Daniel’s saga Prof. Bogoro, Prof.Ochape Onazi, Prof. Nuhu Dakum, Mrs Serah Gowan, Prof.Pandang Yamsat all wanted a weak stooge candidate so that they can syphon funds and rule the university on their whims and caprices, which Mr Daniel Dung Kim is highly rigid, disciplined, principled minded and can not be cowered into dancing to their tunes.”

Barr. Mangu vowed that the youths in the host community and by extension the Berom nation cannot accept the broad day robbery and injustice meted on the community.

“We, therefore urgently demand the immediate revision of this clandestine ungodly trends and that Mr DANIEL DUNG KIM of Vwang be given his Registrarship position forthwith because Vwang community will never accept such moves.

“It suffices us to boldly say that such a decision should be reversed immediately, and a round table dialogue be had with urgently failure of which we shall resort to a continuous peaceful protest until our demands are granted.”

The Vice President, Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN) Rev. Amos Mozo pleaded with the youths to be calm that the issues would be look into.


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