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Buhari’s threats to deal with promoters of insurrection triggers Twitter war



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Twitter users on Tuesday reacted to President Muhammadu Buhari’s threat to deal with those promoting insurrection in Nigeria.

The Twitter account of some Nigerians which was observed by our correspondent showed peoples anger particularly that the President made a comment that, “Many of those misbehaving today are too young to be aware of the destruction and loss of lives that occurred during the Nigerian Civil War.

“Those of us in the fields for 30 months, who went through the war, will treat them in the language they understand.”

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Reacting on Twitter, some berated Buhari for recalling the sad memory of Nigeria’s Civil war.

Some further carpeted the President for not being able to tame Boko Haram insurgents and bandits, wondering how he is threatening those he believed are sponsoring insurrection.

Human rights activist, Aisha Yesufu, tweeted, “Someone needs to tell Buhari that this is not the era of the 60s and that the government no longer has a monopoly of violence.

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A tweet, @ochuksk, asked, “What has stopped him from treating Boko Haram and killer herdsmen in that language since he understands it in the last 6 years?”

Another tweet, @basedon_believe, also asked, “And you cannot treat bandits, Boko Haram and corruption with the language they understand?”

@krisabah tweeted, “Deadly force could harden the secessionists and legitimise their demands. Try and have a discussion. Listen to their demands.”

@ikechukwumogaha asked, “Why not channel that energy to insecurity and other issues of Nigerians

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Expressing shock, @emmaikumeh tweeted, “Never in my life did I ever believe that the President of my country would be threatening citizens from the South East on social media with civil war treatment.

“Meanwhile, President Buhari has never spoken this tough to killer Fulani herdsmen, Boko Haram and bandits,” the user wrote.

There have been endless attacks on Police stations in parts of Southeast suspected to be members of the proscribed People of Biafra (IPOB).


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