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Bello under attack over ‘birthday jamboree’, without projects in Kogi



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Kogi State governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello was not given a breathing space since Thursday that he celebrated his 46 year birthday as individuals, civil society organisations (CSOs), political parties came down hard on him for not performing, but lavishly celebrated his birthday at the expense of citizens.

The governor who has no project to his credit in over five years was lampooned by the Conference of Nigerian Political Parties, Kogi State chapter, that Bello has perchant for celebrity parties but clueless about the economic challenges facing the State.

The State Chairman of CNPP, Comrade Mohammed Kabir and Secretary, Mouktar Atima, the CNPP in a statement which they issued to journalists in Lokoja said, the governor is an expert in organising parties and photoshops.

CNPP lamented the consumer index by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) on Tuesday that showed food prices as highest in Kogi State, saying g that was a true reflection of Yahaya Bello’s governance.

“Last week, NBS report showed that food prices were highest in Kogi state in the month of May. Same report showed that neighbouring Edo and Ekiti states recorded lowest increase in the same month.

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“The latest NBS report makes it fourth month in a row that Kogi is topping the unenviable chart as the state with the highest increase in prices of commodities.

“In the face of the this alarming trend that affects the livelihood of our people, Governor Bello is only interested in social and political jamborees,” the statement reads.

“The NBS report said the food inflation on a year-to-year basis was highest in Kogi at 32.82 per cent while neighbouring Abuja at 16.91 per cent recorded the slowest rise in year-on-year inflation in the country.

“While neighbouring States and the FCT are fairing better, Kogi State Government remains clueless as to the cause of the biting inflation in Kogi.

The CNPP said Kogi Staye government has not mentioned the issue in a bid to proffer solution but has all the time for celebrations.

“Go to any market in Kogi and compare prices of food stuff and other essential commodities with what is obtainable in other states and you will be surprised.

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“Make further enquiries on how much each commodity was sold last month and you will confirm the sad reality the people of Kogi state are faced with.

“This is a state where local government workers, teachers and pensioners are being paid in ridiculous percentages.
“This is same state where local businesses are struggling to stay afloat because of unfavourable policies of the same government. How do we expect the masses to cope?

“There is serious and growing hunger in Kogi state. This is a time bomb that must be attended to immediately.”

The coalition of political parties therefore called on Governor Bello to “outgrow childish tendencies and face the reality of real governance.”

In a related development, the Executive Director of Conscience for Human Rights and conflict Resolution (CHRCR), Idris miliki Abdul has raised issues over the 46th birthday ceremony of Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State which he alleged is being celebrated at the expense of Kogi State common patrimony.

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He said, birthday celebration by an individual, country or even institution is a reflection of life, evaluation of achievements and stock taking event with thanks giving.

“The television activities that were beamed live during the 46 birthday ceremony of the governor of Kogi State is worrisome.

Most importantly when such activities are not associated with any direct benefits to Kogi State.
He said it would have been worth the while if the Governor had tied the ceremony to commissioning of projects, visitation to orphanage homes and projects sites.

“It shows clearly that it is a private business at public expense which is regrettable and unfortunate.

“As at today Kogi State has no television of its own in the 21st century, despite the fact that the government in Kogi State has received not less than N400b, yet huge amount of money is being spent on national and private television stations, a jamboree that will not have any direct benefit to Kogi State and it’s people.


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