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Nasarawa Tiv speaking people tackles Hon. Naralaba for lying to governor Sule on herdsmen attacks



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The leadership of Tiv Development Association (TIDA), an umbrella body of the Tiv people of Nasarawa State has disputed the Federal Lawmaker Hon. Abubakar Hassan Nalaraba, member representing Awe/Doma/Keana Federal Constituency at the National Assembly wherein he claimed that his constituency is peaceful.

The lawmaker declared on May 24th, 2021 that his constituency is in peace when he was called upon to speak during a thank-you visit to the people of Keana Local Government Area by His Excellency, Engr. Abdullahi Sule, the Executive Governor of Nasarawa State. He further claimed that, while many of his colleagues from the National Assembly cannot freely visit their constituencies without being accompanied by security operatives, he does not need security escort to move in all parts of his constituency (Awe/Doma/ Keana) due to “the prevailing peace” in the constituency.

Ordinarily, the TIDA leadership would not have bordered to react to this claim as it is public knowledge that there is a security challenge currently bedeviling some parts of the Southern Senatorial District of the State where many have been brutally murdered and thousands forced out of their homes. We, however, consider it pertinent to put records straight for the sake of unsuspecting members of the public, who may be misled by the Honourable member’s position.

In a statement issued by Com. Peter Ahermba, TIDA president on Wednesday said, it is on record that Ajimaka, one of the Tiv Settlement Areas in Doma Local Local Government was recently attacked by suspected herdsmen, who unleashed terror on innocent Tiv farmers on the 24 of April this year to be precise. This barbaric act led to the murder of nine (9) persons, including women and children. Following this unfortunate development, the entire Tiv population in Doma Local Government from villages such as Dooga, Ategher, Zegeyor, Amuru, Kumbur, Uluwa Zever, Atandura, Gborgyo, among others have been displaced. The displaced persons have since then remained in IDPs camps. Thousands of them are currently in Doma, Rukubi and Agbashi, among other locations.

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It remains an unarguable fact that the unfortunate killings and burning down of houses belonging to the Tiv people started in Doma and immediately spread to Keana Local Government Area. Presently, there are thousands of IDPs of Tiv extraction taking refuge in Keana, Aloshi, Kadarko, including Agyaragu in Obi Local Government Area. We have many others in Abaagu, Ibua, also in Obi Local Government. Villages affected in Keana Local Government include Antsa, Umurayi, Kyaior, Torabaro, Nyam Adaga, Shatse Chia Tyozua, Ajo, Ihwabo, Nyitamen, Tachia, Uluji, Torabagi, Abebe, Jimin, Usen, Chahur, Kuduku, among several others.

In Awe Local Government Area, substantial part of the Tiv population cutting across Uluji, Mararaba, Dooga, Orvanya, Kaambe, Gaar Buhu, among other villages have equally been forced out of their ancestral homes by the attackers. The victims are presently in IDPs camps in Awe town. Over fourty (40) lives have so far been lost since the first attack on Ajimaka Community, just as many other victims are still receiving treatment as a result of gunshots and matches injuries sustained during the wicked attacks on them.

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Ironically, Awe, Doma and Keana Local Government Areas that make up the Federal Constituency which Hon. Abubakar Hassan Nalaraba represents at the National Assembly are the worst hit. With this glaring insecurity in the aforementioned areas, how then can our lawmaker or anyone in his/her good conscience publicly declare that there is peace in these areas? Is it that the Tiv villages affected by the attacks are no longer part of the constituency?

The claim that there is peace in this federal constituency is insensitive and highly provocative to say the least. One would have taught that, as a representative of the people, the lawmaker will use the opportunity of the Governor’s visit to the affected Local Governments to appeal for more efforts towards addressing the security challenges to enable the displaced persons return to their ancestral homes. It is unfortunate that the lawmaker rather played politics with the ugly development by pretending that his constituency is peaceful. What manner of peace that about half of the population of your constituents are in IDPs camps? Haba!

Perhaps, His Excellency, Governor Abdullahi Sule disappointed the House of Representative member when, in his submission at the same occasion of the thank-you visit, countered the lawmaker’s peace claim by alluding to the fact that the southern part of the state, particularly border communities between Nasarawa and Benue States were indeed experiencing security challenge which his government is working hard to address. The Governor categorically stated that he was aware of the presence of IDPs in many places within the affected Local Governments, including Keana town.

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We commend our amiable Governor for his government’s efforts at ensuring the peace and security of the people of the State and urge him to sustain the tempo. The plan by Nasarawa and Benue governments to convene another joint security meeting with a view to finding lasting solution to the incessant attacks and other “underlying issues” as disclosed by the Governor during the visit to Keana equally commendable.

This has not only rekindled the hope of the IDPs but also assuaged their physical pains and the traumatic situation being faced by the victims.

We also appreciate our Traditional Ruers in the affected Local Governments for their relentless efforts at ensuring the restoration of peace in their various domains. We are sure our House of Representatives member, Abubakar Hassan Nalaraba wouldn’t have come to the conclusion that his constituency is peaceful if he had reached our highly respected royal fathers, who have been having sleepless nights and working to compliment government’s efforts at addressing the security challenge.

Indeed, the lawmaker must be told that his constituency, (Awe/Doma/Kean) is experiencing killings, destruction of houses and that farming activities have been brought to a standstill as a result of these unfortunate attacks. As constituents, we call on our representative to consider the killings and displacement of people in his constituency as a matter of urgent public importance that should be brought forward for national attention and deliberation at the National Assembly.


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