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Kogi: Kidnappers apologised killing of Yahaya Bello’s Commissioner – Yagba LG boss



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The Chairman of Yagba West Local Government Area of Kogi State, Pius Kolawole who was released by the kidnappers revealed that they apologised to him for killing Kogi Commissioner for Pension, Solomon Adebayo.

He said they told him that they would have made more money feom ransom if the late Commissioner were to be alive.

The LG Chairman who was abducted last Saturday, but now regained his freedom three days after told journalists what happened on the day he was kidnapped and how he suffered in the hands of the kidnappers.

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Speaking at the home of the late politician, Kolawole narratated that they were abducted at the military checkpoint between Kogi and Kwara state, which was abandoned after the military were recalled from the road.

“In the morning of Saturday while moving to Ilorin, we saw some vigilantees from Kwara state at the checkpoint and on inquiring, they were informed that some armed robbers had earlier robbed at the scene.

“Apprehensive of the robbery incident, I quickly called the vigilantees from my council area to come to the place.

“While we were returning, we sighted the kidnappers. Our initial thought was that it must have been the same vigilantees group in the morning that were there; not until we got there and heard gunshot from behind. Then those whom we thought were vigilantees turned out to be our abductors.

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“Our police Orderly immediately engaged them in a shoot out, but when it was obvious that they were more than him, he dashed into the bush to escape.”

“The chairman said the State pension commissioner, Solomon Adebayo was already hit by the exchange of gunshot between the kidnappers and the police Orderly.

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“I just heard him (Solomon) saying “what kind of thing is this, what kind of things is this”.

Kolawole said he pretended to be dead, as he was already stained by the pension commissioner’s blood, but was surprised when one of the kidnappers tapped him and said, “Follow us, nothing do you.”

The chairman said he was surrounded in the bush with 10 of the kidnappers, “Nine of them were constantly with gun. It was the one without gun that was controlling activities in the bush.”


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