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Iran’s Natanz nuclear attack: Former Israeli Prime Minister advises Tehran to ‘cool down’



The former Israeli prime minister said that Iran needed to “cool down” amid nuclear threats by Tehran.

Iran is frustrated over an alleged cyber attack it says was done by Israel that sabotaged one of Iran’s main nuclear enrichment facilities.

“I’m not certain that Israel did it, and I would advise the Iranians to cool down,” Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said in an interview on WABC Radio show “The Rita Cosby Show.”

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Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani, said that Iran will enrich their uranium to 60 percent in response to the attack.

“Apparently this is a crime by the Zionists. If the Zionists take an action against our nation, we will respond,” the president reportedly said.

“It doesn’t really intimidate us. We’re not so much afraid of Iran… I don’t think that Israel has a reason to be afraid. But this very violent rhetoric, these threats, are unnecessary and will not be helpful to anyone,” Olmert said in the interview.

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The threats come as the U.S. is about to begin indirect talks with Iran over rejoining the nuclear deal.

Olmert said he has confidence that President Biden will keep Israel’s interest in mind amidst the heightened tensions between the countries.

“I never had any doubt about his (Biden) firmness, and his determination and his commitment to the security of the State of Israel,” Olmert said.

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