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How a fourth term Nigerian Senator uses snake, only son for ritual to win elections – Apostle Suleiman



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The Senior Pastor of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleiman has disclosed that a Nigerian Senator currently serving his fourth term in the National Assembly used his only son and snake to win elections.

He spoke in a viral video dramatising what happened when the Senator took his son to his Church.

He however didn’t disclose the name of the lawmaker in Nigeria’s upper chamber.

He said:

“A man brought his son to me, he was displaying lunatic in my office, this is a 31 years old and the father said to me, screaming, “I don’t want again?” I said to him “What don’t you want again?”

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“When people are trying to hold the boy, he was crying asking for his snake and the father said to him, “We can’t bring snake, this is pastor’s place” and the boy said, “Okay, is it in the house?” The father said yes.

“Now, when the man told me he doesn’t want again and I asked him what is it he doesn’t want again and he said, “When he was to become a Senator, he went somewhere and they covered his eyes and said he should pick something, and anything he picked will be used as a ritual so he can get a Senatorial position.

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“He said he picked it, his friends were there but their own eyes were not covered, but his own eyes were covered when he picked it. They passed what he picked around among his friends and those who are in the cult, and they gave it back to their boss and the man kept it somewhere, he won the election for four years then another four years and twelve years.

“Now he’s doing his fourth term and from the day he won, his son was going useless. The first and only son going useless. He had to ask his friends what he picked then what was it and they told him it is his son. He shouted “And you didn’t tell me?”

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“The friends said they are not permitted to tell him, even by telling him they will have to do some sacrifice to appeal. I’m talking about diabolism. The boy is handsome and cute, he would just stand displaying lunatic. His mind was messed up because of diabolism.”


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