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Professor Joseph Ameh Erico: Unique ways of a Security expert, political tactician and administrator per excellence



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Professor Joseph Ameh Erico is an in-depth security expert and advisor whose contribution to the development of both the private, public sector has measured positively to the survival of Nigerian State.

Chief Joseph Erico aside running a security company also engaged in both private and public sector advisory roles to forestall the growing and unabated insecurity in and around the country.

Versed and knowledgeable academic with bias in modern and model security technology, Chief Erico is recognised both within and outside the shores of Nigeria, not only in security management, but playing a leading role in new securtiy innovations.

He combined his wealth of experience, academic knowledge and exposure to play a leading role not only in securing the nation, but public officers and public offices in Nigeria.

With major stakes in security establishment, his security outfit, Real Strikers Security Services (RSSL), is being deployed to man major offices, organisations, conglomerates and multi national organisations in Nigeria, with a lot of confidence built over many decades.

The security expert is a household name in the security services of both public and private organisations, as the confidence built over time, had metamorphosed his coverage to aviation, oil and gas as well as Banks, and its agencies.

With offices in major cities of Lagos, Abuja and Portharcourt, the spread of Real Strikers Securtiy Services Ltd (RSSL), is like a wild fire to all the regions of the country, geared towards deployment of robust security arrangement both to offices and houses.

The renowned academia has combined security expertise to politics, as his style of political participation and mobilisation is more robust compared to the conventional style of politics.

His belief in grassroot politics made him a formidable force to contend with in the last November Kogi Governorship primaries, when he vied to rule Kogi State in the 2019 general election.

His Excellency, Chief Joseph Ameh Erico between 2015-2019 sponsored PDP members into elective positions in the state and federal legislators,as well as the day to day running of the party within the period under review.

He also contributed to the success of the PDP candidate in the last November 16 Kogi Governorship election, after the primaries that ordinarily was unlike of an average Nigerian Politician.

It is on record that in preparation for the forthcoming local government election slated for December in Kogi state, he offset the financial implications of both the councilorship and Chairmanship candidate for his Olamaboro local government.

His adminstrative success could be revealed through a visit to his major offices in Lagos, Abuja and Portharcourt, as his gigantic edifice in Lagos is an indicator of his combination of both material, human management with ease of doing business.

Chief Joseph Ameh Erico is an employer of labour,and a title holder in Igala land,as Olimene Ejeh (Doga), of Olamaboro with unequal zeal in administration, security and politics.

His mission and vision is in line with the operation of both his organisation and political adventure.

This had endeared him to both his workers,political followers and mentors across Nigeria, Kogi and the entire landscape.

Yusuf Abubakar is a Public Affairs Analyst and writes from Abuja.

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