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NBC’s Armstrong Aduku Idachaba: Understanding a tested and trusted bureaucrat



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By Abubakar Yusuf

Professor Armstrong Aduku Idachaba is not new in the broadcast regulatory sector of the Nigerian economy. He is the Acring Director General, National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), an establishment of the Federal Government of Nigeria charged with regulations, establishment and operation of local and International broadcast medium of communication operating in Nigeria.

Professor Idachaba is a seasoned academic, adminstrator per excellent, bureaucrat who joined the services of the National Broadcasting Corporation many decades ago, and rose through the cadre to the top echelon of the Commission.

A man who is detailed in the administration of government affairs taking into consideration, cultural and religious diversity of the country and the need to sustain Nigeria’s bond of unity.

Professor Idachaba is conversant with all the problems and prospects of government and private broadcast industry, hence, as he oversee day-to-day administration of NBC, the industry players shouldn’t expect anything less than a steady guarantee for progress in the broadcast industry.

Armstrong came on board at a ripen period of management crises and leadership lacuna which was already nosediving activities of a very strategic agency of government meant to drive the next level agenda of the present administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, under the supervision of the parent Ministry headed by Alhaji Lai Mohammed,the Minister of Information, Culture, and Tourism.

On assumption of duty as Ag. Director General, he leave no stone unturned, than swung into action to provide a sane leadership roles, that relive the morale of workers in the organisation, as well as deliver on its mandate of regulating information dissemination, in line with the enabling laws and global best practices.

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The renowned Professor of Dramatic and Communication Arts went ahead to introduce many self sustaining strategies which included ensuring and embarking on rapid revenue drive, laced with transparency and accountability, that led to zero allocation from the Federation account, confirmed by the National Assembly committee for consecutive two years in a row, without budgetary provisions, as well as the propose 2021 budget, not out of sanctions, but for a job well done, which is rare of many revenue generating agencies in Nigeria.

Though, not long that he took over the leadership of NBC, he has been a boardroom strategist who has contributed immensely to the progress of the agency, hence, one is not surprised at the turn of new events and innovations of the NBC now.

When Professor Idachaba encountered the Senate Joint Committee on Finance and National Planning a fortnight ago, where he
revealed that his agency made refunds of excess fund generated in billions from fees, levies and fines after payment of salaries of its staff and as well as capital expenditure, Nigerians realised how modest, transparent and accountable, NBC had been under this leadership.

The NBC helsman had in the years under review, maintained a balance reporting systems from the Broadcast organisation/houses, in view of the rise in insurgents, prevalent in the North East, Bandits, kidnappings, killings and civil strife to avoid arousing needless tension capable of setting Nigerians against each other, out of sensational reportage.

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No doubt, the new Broadcast code introduced by the Commission attract sanctions against erring Broadcast organisation, rather than total clampdown, in line with civil administration, unlike what was obtainable during the draconian regime, to deter recalcitrant and deliberate way of media houses, instigating one section of the country against another, or rather creating uneasy calm in the polity.

In the last few months, workers welfare and staff motivation had been on the pedestal rise, that attracted genuine productivity geared towards delivering on the mandate of the ongoing reform in the NBC.

Aside sanctions, the Professor Armstrong Aduku Idachaba led Management rewards sincerity of purpose, sane practices and ethics in line with the desire and expectations of good broadcast in Nigeria.

The NBC’s leadership ingenuity prevailed on the Federal government on the need to provide soft landing through financial palliative to Broadcast organisation in billions in Nigeria, soon after the COVID-19 lockdown, that had affected adversely the perfomance of most media houses, especially the private ones in carrying out their programmes during the global pandemic, that disrupted all activities world wide.

This had assisted in great measure to ameliorate the operational hazards, running costs, salaries and other pressing and routine activities of the broadcast organisation, to keep them in operation and maintain the standard of various media houses.

Under Professor Armstrong, strict compliance to the prerequisites of establishing new broadcast houses and enabling environment must be observed, as part of the operational guidelines so as to enable ethical standards and practices.

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The influx of new broadcast houses seeking for liencences to operate under the leadership of Professor Armstrong Aduku Idachaba is on the rise, and highly competitive, in line with the deregulation policy of the National Broadcasting Commission, as a result of the favourable environment for the proliferation of new broadcast organisation.

This positive developement in NBC in the last two years, under the supervision of Professor Armstrong Aduku Idachaba had guaranteed high hope by both management and staff of many broadcast organisation operating in the country in the last few years, and those in line to establish more of this outlets that will provide job opportunities, favourable business environment and other ancillary programmes to thrive in the country.

On the whole, the Idachaba led leadership had provided a robust image and sustain the existing feat and trade mark of the NBC, that was a subject of adulteration and deviation in the years under review before his ascension.

No doubt, the relationship between the Board and Management as well as the supervising Ministry had been cordial, and seamless to the pride of the current political leadership in the Ministry.

This positive developement, if sustained through the current leadership of the NBC, will further advance more policies that will initiate a major breakthrough to the pride of the policy makers, Nigerians expectations, as well as the Broadcast Industry.

Abubakar Yusuf is Public Affairs analyst and can be reached on 08138238476


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