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ICDA crisis: Onoja dividing Igala Kingdom for political reasons – Lawrence Akpa



Kogi Edward Onoja
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The coordinator of Igala Vanguard, Mr. Lawrence Akpa has lampooned the leadership of Igala Cultural and Development Association (ICDA), for allowing itself to be hijacked by Chief Edward Onoja who is working to succeed Yahaya Bello in 2023, adding that they were desperately working to demean the Igala kingdom for the sole interest.

Lawrence Akpa further accused ICDA leadership of criminally forging the letter headpaper of Attah of Igala and signature to spit lies to the public to support the devilish agenda of those concerned.

Engr. Akpa wondered what the dissolved ICDA under the leadership of Alhaji Abubakar Sadiq Amodu wants to achieve by engaging in dissemination of fake news.

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“This action, to say the least, is criminal usurpation of the powers of the Attah of Igala, which is a direct slap on Igala kingdom as a whole.

Engr. Akpa noted the obvious plans of Kogi State Deputy Governor, Edward Onoja to undermine the Igala kingdom by using ICDA as a willing tool to fragment the collective strength of the people.

He therefore, called on Igala sons and daughters, home and abroad to stand up for the interest of Igala nation as Edward Onoja who is all out to become the next Governor is sponsoring and facilitating every action capable of dividing the Igala nation.

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“ICDA lack everything it takes to give any honour or award to anybody in the name of Igala nation, accusing ICDA leadership of defrauding prominent Igala sons and daughters with frivolous AWARDS. Engr. Akpa commended His Royal Highness Attah of Igala for timeously dissolving ICDA leadership as the organization is now a mere fraud.

He urged the Kogi State Police Commissioner and the Director of DSS to invite the leadership of ICDA for questioning for forging letter head and signature of Attah of Igala.

He said it is an insult on Igala kingdom for anybody or group to forge Attah of Igala’s documents, stating further that Edward Onoja’s despration of becoming the next governor of Kogi State is fueling all the plans to undermine the authority of Attah of Igala by using ICDA.

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Let it be clearly noted that the aspiration of a single individual is not worth the collective survival and dignity of Igala kingdom. Therefore, any attempt to belittle the revered stool of the Attah of Igala is a direct curse on the perpetrator.

How can a letter with Reference No. ITC/236/Vol.IV/14 written on 31st July, 2020 cancel the one written on the same day with No. ITC/236/Vol.IV/ 15? It is an afterthought and a pure scam!


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