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Hon. Abdullahi Ibrahim Ali: Instilling life into moribund Iron and Steel industry through legislative instruments



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Perhaps, many Nigerians are not too abreast with how the legislature works in a democractic setting such as the one being practised now. The legislature deals with enacting laws for the good of the society.

For purposes of oversight functions, Committees are set in place to ensure activities of public and private establishments are properly managed in line with visions and aspiration of government of the day.

Hon. Abdullahi Ibrahim Ali (Halims) representing Ankpa/Omala/Olamaboro Federal Constituency is the Chairman of House Committee on Steel Development. Lately, the Iron and Steel sector has been a behive of activities that has led to signing agreements by the Nigerian government with foreign investors in the sector.

Today, it’s been a pleasant success stories that the collaboration of Nigerian government with Russia for the revitalization of Ajaokuta Iron and Steel is a done deal.

In one’s sense of judgement, the role of the House Committe on Steel Development and by extension, Chairman of the Committee Rt. Hon. Abdullahi Ibrahim Ali, thus far has been tremendous which is changing the narratives for good in the sector.

If the lawmaker’s exploit is prompted by the fact that he comes from the Iron and Steel host State or if it is his personal conviction to ensure he leaves a legacy as a Federal lawmaker, is an issue for another day. But, suffice to say that Ankpa/Omala/Olamaboro Federal Constituency has produced Representatives in times past which one could comparatively assess their quality of representation.

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In the history of Igala race, Ankpa Federal Constituency and Kogi State of late, the people have not had this good that the current tenure of Alhaji Abdullahi Ibrahim Ali (Halims), member representing Ankpa/Olamaboro/Omala Federal Constituency is currently bringing on the table.

The coming of Abdullahi Ibrahim Ali to the Green chamber and as Committee Chairman had witnessed lot of turn around in his area of primary assignments in the lower house and by extension to the good people of his Constituency.

The multi-billion dollars revitalization of moribund ASCO which was signed by President Muhammadu Buhari sometimes late last year with the Russian government, was a major turning point for the economic development of the country which would at the end of the day, generate mass employment opportunities and engagement of Nigeria’s teeming unemployed population.

Aside economic benefits and by extension social services, the Halims committee will also attract a major industrialisation template of all steel rolling mills with Itakpe, Oshogbo, Katsina, Jos and other ancillary companies back to production with bumper job opportunities.

This is in addition to the recently inaugurated Ajaokuta-Abuja-Kaduna (AKK) gas processing project that will relive fully the economy of this country, and move towards new template of industrialisation to guarantee a stable job opportunities for all categories of Nigerians, both within and with the expatriate conglomerates.

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The revitalization and inauguration of these two gigantic companies have also created an enabling environment for sister foreign companies and indigenous ones, both private and public, to return to site for more development of both steel and gas adventure, as well the welfare of the sorrounding communities and its people and by extension all Nigerians.

The recent award of the abandoned Ankpa-Adoka-Naka-Makurdi roads left for over four decades under SUKUK Fund arrangements were nonetheless, the best thing that has happened to the people of Kogi state, the neighbouring States of Southeast and Southsouth as well as Nigeria at large.

This is as a result of the socio-economic, political importance that will encourage movement of not only goods and services, but agricutural and industrial products that will pick up the economy of all the adjoining areas.

The 27 billion naira project is expected to be completed by the contractors according to the timing and just specifications to the glory and comfort of the good people of Kogi state, and by implications Ankpa Federal Constituency.

In the same vein the Abaji -Loko-Bagana-Oweto bridge and the roads is receiving urgent attention, with the Lawamker pleading with the Federal authorities to extend the coverage of the phase two of the roads to link Abejukolo, Ojeke, Ofugo, Enabo, Odagba-Ankpa end of the roads, to revert it to Federal roads, yearning for urgent attention because of the burden of physical developement on the state, and paucity of funds.

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Halims’s one year in the lower legislative chamber of the National Assembly had attracted commendation from his constituency on the developement of modern agriculture, empowerment, capacity building and macro and micro businesses.

This is addition to his policy of operation return to schools, by school age children through provision of books, payment of school fees and provision of instructional materials and laboratory equipment.

The moves to improve the economy of his constituency through provision of stable electricity would not be under emphasised, as his recent visit to NIPP was to attract more efforts to provide stable light to his constituents.

Aside these developement of energy, alternative provision of energy through the installation of solar light in major towns and cities of his constituency in collaboration with REA had been on the front burner.

All these developmental efforts was brought to limelight one year into his tenure as Chairman House Committee on Iron and steel as well as Federal Lawmaker representing Ankpa Federal Constituency.

As you mark additional year to your years on earth,we pray for more workaholic efforts towards community services,Kogi state and Nigeria large.

Happy Birthday Rt. Honourable Abdullahi Ibrahim Ali (Halims).

Abubakar Yusuf writes from Abuja with contribution by a staff writer.


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