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Nigeria: A country sinking under its own weight



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It is no longer news that Nigeria is buffeted on every angle by multitude of problems. This has further fueled and encouraged the nay-sayers to indulge in prognosis that is unconstructive, but reflects reality.

One of such predictions is that Nigeria would break up if calculated effort is not made to surmount some of the maladies that now hang over it like an ominous cloud.

Even some foreign powers were not left out of this prophecy of disaster. However, we are grateful to God that this negative expectation has not come to pass, at least for now.

Until recently, Africa and the entire world looked up to Nigeria for leadership because of its huge potential. All that has now changed. It is not an exaggeration to say that the most populous country on the African continent is facing huge challenges that are threatening its very foundation. The giant of Africa is entrapped in an unprecedented crisis. Bloodshed, corruption and vices of all hues have now become common features of the most populous black nation in the world. What an irony!

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Under development, poverty, social and political imbalances have wreaked so much havoc on the tapestry of our nationhood. Corruption in most of the public establishments and the mismanagement of the commonwealth accruing to the nation has continued to deepen the social and economic isolation of the people at all strata of society. To say that the common man is worse hit by this trend is stating the obvious.

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Governments at local, state and federal levels have failed to address key developmental, economic and social problems that are affecting citizens. Corruption in public institutions has continued to deprive ordinary citizens of the country from enjoying its vast wealth. Government’s inability to provide employment for the teeming youth population has given birth to a new wave of crime that has never been seen in the past. It actually is sweeping the nation away.

These deficiencies have provoked the copious resurgence of the Biafra agitation in the South East, militancy in the South – South Boko – Haram in the North East and all the heinous crimes that have become widespread all over Nigeria.

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It is obvious that all forms of leadership in Nigeria have negated their responsibilities and fail in their duties and assignments. Most of our leaders have embraced and deployed nepotism, selfishness and tribal sentiments in tackling national challenges. This has led to a logjam that is fast degenerating into a national disaster. The present political, social and economic crisis in the polity is a prelude to a full blown conflagration, if nothing is done urgently to tame the situation.


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