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CUPP cry out, says APC plants moles to factionalise coalition



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The Nigeria Opposition Coalition, CUPP has intercepted credible intelligence of the underhand moves by the ruling party to compromise some dissident coalition members to factionalize the coalition and undermine the good works of the Spokesperson Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere.

“This move which will not achieve its desired objective having been exposed and the black legs now identified is targeted at causing crisis in the opposition and appointing an APC certified Spokesperson who will refrain from holding the ruling party to account.

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“Nigerians should note that at a time like this when the government is failing on all its mandates and responsibilities, some members of the opposition for pecuniary inducement have mortgaged the interest of the country.

“The CUPP will not dissipate energy on these already identified turn coats but will continue its divine role of holding this government to account.


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