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Starter pack fraud: SIP beneficiaries threatens showdown



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Beneficiaries of the National Social Investment Programs other wise known as N-SIP, under the N-Power has disagreed with its handlers over the disengagement date of June for Batch A, and July for Batch B, on the grounds of disparity of timing.

The beneficiaries says, it will amount to policy somersault to disengage the current N-Power enrollees without recourse to the engagement programme of providing a soft landing for the current batches.

The program according to the beneficiaries ran differently with Batch A which started from 2016, and Batch B in 2018, stating that the last batch will be shortchanged by two consecutive years if exited in July this year.

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They urged the Ministry of Humanitatian Services to under normal circumstances allow the Batch B exit period to 2022, like their counterparts that were enrolled in 2016 till date.

‘It is fraudulent that the second batch known as Batch B had not access the starter pack doled put to the Batch A when they were engaged, with no detail explanation about it, saying it amount to generating needless crises to deny them both financial benefits along with equipment ‘

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They appeal to President Buhari to look into the issue of N-Power beneficiaries, and bring the matter to a solution once and for all, by providing job opportunities in the public and organised private sector.

The beneficiaries warned on the plans to disengage both batches as the first 500,000 Batch A beneficiaries would have spent more years, than Batch B, a clear inconsistency of goverment policies.

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They said goverrment should rather prepare beneficiaries mind to peg the program to four years on the condition of preparing them for easy exit.

‘It will be a great disservice and undoing on the part of government to run the same National program at pararel form, capable of creating uneasy calm in the system.’


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