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Igbo residents in Kano in alledge corpses smuggling scandal



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As mystery death continue to take toll in Kano with over 600 deaths at the last count within one week, Igbo residents have been accused of smuggling  corpses of dead ones and were being transported to the Southeast.  

Kano is yet to confirm if it was due to the deadly virus, Covid-19,  which is infectiously dangerous to convey dead bodies of COVID-19 victim,  according to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC). 

Sadly, as the day goes by, Kano has continuously recorded mysterious deaths as the COVID-19 cases in the state takes a hike.

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Sources explained that Igbos living in Sabon Gari, Kano have been allegedly smuggling corpses of loved ones into southeast for burial.

“This is said to be as a result of morgues in Kano continuously rejecting corpses, so families have allegedly been left with no other option than to smuggle them to the southeast.

“If the news making waves have any iota of truth in it, then we all need to be careful out here as none of the people who died mysteriously in kano have undergone autopsy to determine the real cause of death”.

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 The source added: “While there has been speculation that Kano could be the epic city of COVID-19 in Nigeria due to the mysterious deaths, we all should stay safe and contact the authorities if we find anything strange as reported in your environment.

“Lots of Igbo were not left out in the mysterious deaths that happened in Kano with majority of them living in Kano. 

“Once morgues in Kano are rejects corpses,  the families of the deceased have proceeded to smuggle these corpses into the Southeast. 

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“We have confirmed from Igbo living in Sabon Gari who are trying to alert others in the southeast on families sending down this corpses to the East for burial.

“Nọ autopsy has been done on these corpses or any other corpse in Kano to confirm that coronavirus is not what killed them.

“Yet we have Igbo smuggling corpses of their loved ones into the east; putting everyone at risk.”


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