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10th Senate Presidency and Zoning



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By Chinedum Anayo

We just concluded series of elections. Some have accepted defeat, while some are so downhearted that they decided to challenge the process.

For a while now, the nation have been in a stage of uncertainty as many have criticized the outcomes of the elections. In a nutshell, the election results are debatable.

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However, we are in a different stage now. There is an ongoing deliberation on who could be the next Senate President and Speaker of the House of Representatives. Notedly, an election would be held to decide these positions and their deputies respectively.

Most recently, the South-East caucus have rightly asked that the position of Senate Presidency be zoned to the South-east region for equity, fairness and inclusiveness. As expected, a chieftain of a renowned forum has recently stressed that the South-East do not deserve this privilege.

He stated that due to the fact that the region did not vote for the ruling party (APC) they do not stand a chance. It’s an undoubted fact that a region, part of the nation exercised their right to franchise bestowed upon them by the basis of their existence. At this point, I think it is bizarre to narrate divisive and demeaning stories.

Firstly, what is justice as it relates to this scenario?

Justice connotes right treatment. In a just society, zoning is equitable and so is the concept of fairness. The right thing must be done regardless of opinions and speculations. It should be noted that the South-East is a majority when it comes to ethnic grading in Nigeria.

The region should be highly regarded and recognized. The Chieftain also highlighted that ‘Other zones voted massively for the APC’ without duly identifying the right of choice which is a natural right.

If the South-East don’t get any suitable position in the decision making process of Nigeria, it would be pertinent to say that the State social order is questionable and its ideals insignificant.

The President-elect should consider factors that establishes the process of democracy as it concerns choosing also known as voting.

The Igbos deserve Senate Presidency because they are Nigerians by default. As members of the territory all alienable rights should not be deprived. And if it is about competency, one should ask, ‘Does the region have a government ?’, if they do then the question of competence is inapplicable in this subject matter.

Every Nigerian should be considerate and sensitive to this giddy times we are in. Our Politicians should kindly rise above selfishness and political interest to build and fix what was broken in the hearts of citizens.

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